Samstag, Februar 09, 2008

Stolen Moments

I write this as I breastfeed my little girl... multitasking has taken on a whole new meaning...

A whole lot of things have taken on new meaning since I have become a mother. The whole world has a different shine to it.

The sleep deprivation thing is going better than expected... Although I long for a good 7 or 8 hour stretch, I am doing okay on 3-3-1 (most nights). We are getting into a routine of sorts, and every week I get a little braver and more adventurous with our outings. There's always the risk of "Will she wake up? Will she scream in the car the whole way? Where will I feed/change her?" but we're dealing with it.

I rejoined the Y this week but have yet to make it in for a workout. The one afternoon I thought the timing was just right I called and there was no room in the daycare. Boo. I am apprehensive about leaving her with a stranger, even for an hour, but am hoping that it might work out to be one of her longer naps and she will sleep the whole time. Like when we went out for dinner last week:

So yes, I realize that this whole post has been about my baby. But she is just so adorable... can you blame me? Trying to keep the baby stuff on the baby blog but I think it's normal that the two will mesh now and again...


Sassy One hat gesagt…

It's hard not to blog about the baby! She is precious and I totally understand your worries and thought process!
Hope all is going well!

Osbasso hat gesagt…

Hi, Sass!!

Congrats! You both look great!