Freitag, März 30, 2007

Has anyone seen Robin?

I have barely lifted my nose from this grindstone in the past two weeks, I am surprised there is anything left of my poor sensitive schnautz!

It's been pretty much non stop here, which is exciting at the same time as exhausting- I'd like to incorporate more of a balance (and more trips to the gym) to save my sanity.

Spring is slowly showing signs of arrival, and not a moment too soon! I have motorcycles motorcycles motorcycles on my brain (when it's not full of work stuff) and I can't wait to wrap my legs around my SuZuZuki for the first time.

So much to look forward to- the first anniversary of our very first date, a baby shower, a stagette/rafting extravaganza weekend, there is a lot of celebration in the air.

Now to take some time and smell the flowers. Peace out.

Donnerstag, März 22, 2007

Websites are pretty

So THIS is what the world according to Sass looks like...

Make your own masterpiece here

Montag, März 19, 2007

sweet sweet sweet home

To be reunited with my love, my bed, my pillow, my butterfly ring.


I'm so very happy to be back to this place that makes so much sense to me.

Still sorting out the multitude of thoughts & experiences from the past 5 days but have been thrown back into work today full force... when my head stops spinning I'll get around to a summary (and some pics).

Donnerstag, März 15, 2007

The Center of the Universe

It's quite indescribable, this place.

I mean, even if I had a thousand words, it just wouldn't quite cover it.

It's more a place you have to discover on your own. On foot. By Taxi. With the subway. Get right in and mix with the people. Once you get with the flow (which took me about a day), you flow.

Out exploring last night, I stumbled across a team shooting a scene for the Sopranos in Little Italy. I quickly occupied the table on the street and watched the action close up.

More details to come...

Mittwoch, März 14, 2007

from en route yesterday...

I’m partway through the first leg of my first business trip ever, the connecting flight has been delayed by about 45 minutes and this double vodka soda with a splash of cranberry is going down a little *too* easy. I was up, as I expected to be, till a little after midnight last night as I made my last minute piles here and there. Carry-on stuff on the kitchen table (with frequent ‘helpful’ reminders from my Love ‘Got your passport? Your ticket??’), clothes etc piled up on the creamy couch in my meditation room.

Which hasn’t exactly been used for its intended purpose in awhile now, has it? Well, besides the 5 or 10 minutes Saturday morning, before I set out on my hair colour changing new wardrobe buying day. Yes, the mane is now somewhere between a deep red and ‘toffee’ brown, taking a little detour on its way back to my natural dirty blonde.

I was definitely in my giddy-excitedness phase last night, as I giggled my way around the house preparing for the week ahead. I have not gotten all that far in my preparedness, to be truthful, although I did manage to read through all 10 of the short descriptions of the different neighbourhoods of the City and have mentally short-listed the attractions I most want to see. There is some extra sight-seeing time to be had, and I intend to squeeze every drop of it out.

As for the actual shows, that will have to be left up to whatever catches my eye at the half price ticket place. I’m pretty open to whatever is playing- just the act of getting to go and see a show has my adrenalin pumping.

Am I prepared for the bustling busy-ness, the noise, the crowds, the EVERYTHING? The answer? Absolutely.

Sonntag, März 11, 2007

calm after the storm

... has been reached. Laundry sorted, house clean, walk taken, chili cooked and eaten. The Mama's back at her abode, settling in and setting up visits with friends. It's a good sign. I'm feeling quite settled myself, all systems go once I print my ticket, pack my bag and call the cab for the airport. I LOVE trips, just love them. Being away from my love until Sunday night (the day which marks 11 months of our blissed-out togetherness) will be challenging. But I am fully confident that the sweet reunion at the end will be well worth the time apart.

I've been waiting three whole years for this chance. To be a professional and go show them what I'm made of. I have the feeling I'm gonna absolutely dazzle them. And then some. Cause that, my friends, is how I roll. Hee. NY here I come!!!

Freitag, März 09, 2007

THIS is Friday?

I'm afraid to check my blood pressure cause I'm SURE it's off the charts.

It started with the chattering of the old biddies in the ladies only section of the gym. I don't know WHY exactly (I'm usually quite a tolerant person) but their endless nattering completely got on my nerves at 7 am. Then, the kitties, who got a tiny taste of the great outdoors yesterday when the door blew open while the Mama and I were on our daily jaunt around the block HAVE NOT STOPPED meowing since. My network connection with work is not happening, I already added bailey's to my coffee and that didn't help either.


It's later now, much later and I have somewhat regained my composure. Not without words being said in a *tone* that I wish I could take back. What was that about nerve cells being the only ones in the body that don't regenerate? What IS it about being around our parents (and PMSing in the WORST way) that regresses our behaviour by 15 years???

Fish. The answer is fish. Preferably raw.

Dienstag, März 06, 2007

signs of life

The days are marching on (pun? intended), the healing progressing, as is my ability to function in my home office atmosphere. It's still a little strange to roll out of bed and log on 5 minutes later (in fact, I'm STILL in my snowman pyjama pants).

It wasn't till halfway through the morning that I realized that today is my best friend's birthday. Thank goodness for e-cards because I have shamefully 'misplaced' the area of my brain which has stored her phone number for the past 10 or 15 years. Oh my.

Have I even mentioned that I'm going to NY next week? Like, a week from today I will be on a plane!! Wow. Probably cause it hasn't fully sunk in for me yet. Anyway, my company will be putting me up for four nights but I'm on my own for the fifth. Anyone have any *inexpensive* suggestions for where to lay my weary head? I'm attending an event at the NYC Center for Architecture that day, so somewhere relatively close would be good...

Freitag, März 02, 2007

I'm here

But I feel kinda weird. Disjointed, I think, is the best way to describe it. Other than the fact that it's almost 5pm and I'm sitting here in my dressing gown... Started the 'working from home' experiment today and I must say it has gone pretty well. Juggling the customer phone calls with the ones from friends and family for the Mama, administering pain medication and answering the door for the flower delivery. Negotiating sales between keeping the fireplace going and serving soup, juice and toast. Whew! No wonder this multitasking Goddess hasn't changed out of her pj's yet.

I think I'll call it a day soon. More of this fun next week!