Dienstag, August 30, 2005

Gemini horoscope this week sayz


Every nerve in your body should tell you that a work or domestic project is about to take off and the odds for success are great. Unfortunately, you have to deal with a touchy personal situation. On the 28th, quiet your restless heart, and an intuitive and loving aspect will give you the answer.

Montag, August 29, 2005

a most curious kind of mood

here it is. and here we have it.

I feel like I have woken up from a long winter's nap, pardon the expression.

Actually, what I did when I awoke this morning was my a.m. yoga tape. It's Monday, I had a good solid seven hours, and I was ready to get up this morning (ok, maybe after five or ten minutes of turning over and nuzzling the covers and pillows a wee bit more). I do like mornings, but I need a bit of preparation time before the actually feet hit the floor. The lure of a spot of green tea comes in handy, too.

Tomorrow morning I'm hiking the stairs with my walking buddy. I highly recommend one of these, if you're trying to get into a routine of any kind. The encouragement you receive from eachother is so incredibly motivating- and you feel bound by some kind of pact to meet up (it sucks letting anyone down) so you get up when the alarm goes at a little before seven with a smile, and eagerly pull on your sweats and double sports bra combo.

I'm thinking this mood must have at least a little something to do with all of the engineering students I observed/weaved through on my shortcut through the college campus (it's faster to go through rather than around on my way to work). Ah, the first day of school. Remember that feeling?

I love how the fall inspires a sense of newness, of turning over a new leaf, if you will allow. I love both newness and being inspired, so it's no wonder that there's a *spring* in my step as I contemplate my new spot at the north facing window on the third and the conclusion of the summer of infinite possibility.

Freitag, August 26, 2005

it's a weekend

that's what I just changed my msn name to.

and... exhale. I woke up this morning, my eyes swollen shut. Turns out the duvet on the bed contains those pesky feather type things. Humph. And now, I am in charge of one *more* charge, my mom's needy border collie while she has a garage sale and shows her house this weekend. I have always looked up to me Ma, and right now is no different. She is transitioning so gracefully into her semi-retirement, downsizing her huge home for one a third its size, practically liquidating all of her posessions within weeks in order to fit. She is embracing this next stage of her life joyfully, and her only concern seems to be about getting bored. I suggested some new hobbies...

I've just popped home to deliver Abby to the ever patient Uhu, who has agreed to look after her for the night as we found her completely incompatible with the other two munchkins (big surprise). Then it's back my comfy pad in the 'burbs, for one more night of Luxusism. Is that related to Shedonism? Something tells me it is.

Tomorrow brings a stagette complete with henna tattoos, turkish food and belly dancers. Sounds like a good time to me. It's all about the she power these days.

Donnerstag, August 25, 2005

Happy HNT!

Here we have part of my legs. This was on the boat on the lake on the night we got stuck, but didn't really mind being stick cause we got to go on the boat on the lake!! Just be thankful I cropped *most* of the monster thighs out in Photoshop... the picture in its full glory is going up on the fridge as motivation. 5 months from today I'll be on a beach in the Dominican and I guarantee they're going going to be smaller!!

Mittwoch, August 24, 2005

dog hair, dog shit, itchy eyes - - a meal to die for

~title remotely provided by Uhu~

Day 2 here at camp Luxus. And man, did the girlz and I <dine> this eve.

Scampi, Scallops, Goats cheese and fresh basil in the salad (actually, my only grocery contribution) and one of our all time favorites, Spanokopita.

The company was equally as delicious. C & S (aka Becky, she of the Farmer Joe marrying kind) kindly joined me this evening for a dinnah fit for Queens. The three of us attended college together *gulp* 11 years ago, and have remained close over the years. One of the highlights of our bond saw both girls taking nannying jobs for a few months (of varying degrees of success) in the small town in Bavaria,Germany where was I living in the spring/summer of '95.

We usually go for either Indian or Greek, about once or twice a year, and have a good chat and chow down. Tonight was no exception, and I was glad to play hostess in this castle while we laughed, caught up and talked about making plans for a trip to either Vegas or NY before their respective families (and perhaps my own?) get underway.

I am thankful for good girlfriends tonight.

Not so much the allergies kicking up and creatures being naughty. But I'll deal.

Now 'scuse me, while I go jacuzz.

Dienstag, August 23, 2005

livin large in the lap of lux

I pull up to the house and swing around into my ususal parking spot. The key sticks a little in the lock and I have to jiggle it around a bit when the dogs start to bark. I pile in the door juggling my grocery bag of groceries, a bag of shoes and my purse in one hand and Kat's big blue bag over my other shoulder. Making sure I have all chewables up on the counter, I venture into the laundry room and let the little guys out of their kennels and open the back door so they can run and yap around the back yard. Then, of course, they get served their kibble.

I decide to take a look around all the rooms, taking my stuff upstairs to the guest room , finding a neatly stacked pile of towels on the bed. After ridding its surface of about a thousand ~useless~ throw pillows and a couple of evil feather filled ones, I unpack my own pillow. I take the taupe towels into the bathroom and line the counter with my 'essentials'. This is really starting to feel like a little vacation.

I take a stroll down to the walk out basement, where the home gym equipment and a computer with high speed internet await me. The dogs run around excitedly, and I have to stop for cuddles and allow them to sniff me fully (it has been a few months since my last stay).

I glance through the overfilled fridge/freezer/pantry and make a mental note for tomorrow's menu with S & C (and ideas for the rest of the week). Not to mention the fully stocked liquor cabinet...(the lady of the house just won a city-wide martini contest for which she apparently experimented like a mad/drunk scientist). The possibilities are endless, and the smile on my face spreads as I find the cheque made out to me on the counter (which will more or less bring me back into the black... thank goodness). My smile continues as I find the switch to the gas fireplace on the living room wall, and light a yummy smelling candle.

I spend the majority of the evening curled up on the rug in front of the fire, flipping through the patronizing stupidity that is television today (people swapping wives, Tommy going to college, Auditions for a new Michael Hutchence... now I know why I never turn the damn thing on). It thouroughly sucked me in, and truthfully it was nice to vegetate in little mindlessness as I settled into the first night of my stay at this beautiful mansion.

May I say something? Housesitting. Rocks. My. World.

Montag, August 22, 2005

It's Monday and I wish I were here:

heart·ache noun : anguish of mind : sorrow

Main Entry: in·teg·ri·ty
Function: noun
1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY
2 : an unimpaired condition : SOUNDNESS
3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS
synonym see HONESTY

I finally brought a matter of the heart to its painful but inevitable conclusion tonight. Looked cold hard facts in the eye and didn't look away. A staring contest with my weaker self so to say. I sure don't feel like a winner right now. More like a downtrodden, multiple wrings through the wringer, vulnerable pile of shaky mess.

Somewhere down deep the ever present wise calmness nods her head in silent approval. A long time coming, and a lot of unnecessary distress has lead me to these familiar crossroads, and the time had come to choose the path and keep marchin on. Forward. Solo. Strong. Being true to and honouring myself, at last.

Would someone please kindly tell my heart that it's gonna be ok?

Samstag, August 20, 2005

mid weekend pause and reflect (otherwise known as procrastination)

This weekend's theme should be 'things don't always go according to plan'. Eh. Deal with it, right? Roll with those punches.

I'm halfway through a major turn-everything-on-its-head cleaning rampage, and I've taken a few (very deserved) breaks along the way...

I'm sifting through the many many internet radio stations at the wandering click of my mouse. So far today, we've hit some seriously old funk in Soulsville, one with the intriguing name of 'Shake Jugs, not Babies' from Nova Scotia promising blues, uk garage & downtempo, and right now we've got Soulgood/Streetlevel, Tribal & Funky House, UK Garage, from South Australia.

oh, how i *heart* djs.

Been wanting to write that for a couple days. 'nother story for 'nother time. :)

I was talking about plans that get distorted and now instead of option a) or b), c) came up as a possibility and then not. So, too late for a) I guess it's b) unless something more intruiging should arise. Oh, it kinda makes your head spin a little. Maybe option d) staying home and getting your shit done shoulda been the plan all along. Certainly the easiest plan, seeing as though my car had to stay and extra night in the repair shop due to a problem that was discovered during the test drive.

However, that situation has made any possible plans on Sunday that include *driving* to reach my destination (for example, visit my big sis & nephews who live a half hour south) pas possible.
That's where a spontanious nature comes in mighty handy. And the C-Train. I get to accomplish c) after all! Find a townhouse suitable for me ma who is in the process of downsizing. It happens I really enjoy open houses (and the chance to help her pick a new abode out).

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program... ridding the crib of dust bunnies!

a) attending Reggae fest. Also ruled out due to lack of funds :(
b) going for yet more b-day drinks with sis as she hands the baton over to B, the next bday gal
c) house shopping with the mama

Donnerstag, August 18, 2005

Hump Day Revisited

My neighbourliest neighbour just got home, she'll be over in a minute. It seems there may be a wee crisis in her life, regarding work. I MSN'd her this aft to ask her how the chicken wings she 'aquired' off the new boy tasted. She was right in the middle of a rather serious phone conversation and asked me if I'd type some kind of statement for her tonight and we'd arranged to meet up after my yoga class.

L8tr, now a few hours have passed, much exchange of thought has been tossed around my living room and her garage turned poker salon (that reminds me, I have to set up a game with the boys soon). It's so good to have neighbours that you can have good exchanges of thought with. She's home in her home now, and me in mine, and I'm singing along to the dixie chicks and picking the fudge chunks out of a carton of Black Cherry Amaretto Frozen Yoghurt. YUM! I want to go for a swim in this container. It's just so awesome to discover a treat that deals with so many of my cravings at once. :)

So yes, it was a more direct route to my happy place today. Due partly to the fact that it's hump day. There's at least 10 points for you right there. The weather has been absolutely dismal, especially for August but let's not go there. Let's think hot, sunny, sizzling thoughts so we glow from the inside. I've made several trips on the green bike up and down the hill to work getting soggy and chilled (my baby is in the shop this week), not to mention the hour and a half romp on the field yesterday, just slaughtering the other team 8-1. Yeah, baby!

HNT ze German version

Ok, ok, so I still don't have my webcam functional at home... I have no connection to the internet at the moment, either (I'm hoping it has nothing to do with the gay sites my dearest Uhu has been visiting).

Anyway, this is my contribution this week. It's from last fall, when I had to go directly to the German Canadian Club to work straight from the office. This is my favorite Dirndl (I have about 3 or 4), given to me by my aunt Brunhilde. Yes, that's really her name. I used to wear it to work in at the cafe on Tegernsee, at the tender age of 18. Still fits! Heh.

Yes, that's a hula hoop in the bottom left hand corner :)

Moody much?

Your Mood Ring is Yellow


Dienstag, August 16, 2005

it flows

It took me a little while to reach my happy place tonight.

Could have been due to the soggy and freezing mess I was after getting off the soccer field.

That weird ass strange indigestion mixed with vertigo feeling I have been feeling for the past week.

My (where the hell have you been and you call yourself my FRIEND?) who finally showed up.

Whatever. As long as I found it. In a mug of dark hot chocolate, a fuzzy sweater, my flannel pooh pj bottoms, a little soul soothing music, and I've found Sassy again.

Freitag, August 12, 2005

To sleep and sleep in as long as I want!

I got an email from my room/soul mate this morning (who is away being her goddess self touring around ze Germans) and thought I'd share our correspondance:

Hello Biene,

Was wondering if you were missing me at all? Well I am missing you a ton!

It's late and I just wanted to write a few lines to tell you that i am thinking of you and wondering if you have had yu . yet?? Just wondering......

I think that I could be ready to start a family.

Well lots to share but I have a really busy day tomorrow so I will have to tell you all later.

I love you and I am thinking of you all the time~!

to which I responded:

Hello Grasshopper!

Of course of course of course I'm thinking about you all the time and missing you like crazy. I was both gleeful and deeply moved as I read your email this morning. I feel in my heart that you are ok, that life is presenting its challenges, but that you are meeting them head on, like the true warrior princess that you are.

Life careens forward here at the urban crib. Feels like this summer is just zipping by, in a series of sun and rain filled days. Nonstop dashing from bed to office to penguin suited events, with some quality time with Uhu thrown in for good measure. He has fed me the past two nights, and showed up with Red Lobster leftovers tonight- garlic shrimp, mashed potatoes and those melt-in-your-mouth cheese scone things they make. YUM.

Speaking of nourishment, we now have the cleanest fridge in all of the northwest. In a spree (it was more like a tazmanian devil whirlwind) of domestic domesticatedness, it was cleared out and cleaned 'the german way' within an inch of its life. I didn't know there was black cherry jam in there! One has to wonder if possible impending motherhood inspired my wacky snacking/grazing on brie & crackers, pickled beets, picked herring, those melted chocolate cookies you left in there, blueberries, a few little carrots and yes, pickles (I 'merged' your three jars into one, btw).

I'm due my . tomorrow and will certainly keep you updated at its arrival or lack thereof. I feel ready whatever may happen. Que sera, sera, as they say.

Love you, so much, and can't wait till you're back and we can enjoy a natural gingerale on the front steps together.

I'm headed for my {freshly made} bed. Oh, how I rock!
Speaking of which, we'll have to get a rocking chair...

Donnerstag, August 11, 2005

to sleep, perchance to dream?

I'm so wiped I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Got home, lay down on the couch for ... a few minutes and end up inadvertedly taking a (much needed) nap. Got up, looked at the clock, swore out loud cause I missed my yoga class. I could have really used it tonight, too. Crawled under the covers and slept another half hour.
Can we say TGIF tomorrow? Oh yeah baby. Gotta looove the short weeks. Declined working another wedding Sat. I have visions of reorganizing the kitchen this weekend. We'll see if it happens.

Woke up to the sweet knocking and offerings of food from Uhu downstairs. He's borrowed my bike and is off depositing paycheques and picking me up some soya milk. Darling, darling boy. I think I'll adopt him.

It has gotten nasty cold outside- I actually put a pair of socks on and turned the furnace up. Struggling with trying to find some motivation to clean or tidy the abode and the need to go right back under those covers for some more zzzzzs. Coin toss perhaps?


I have a confession to make (I can just hear the collective Oh No!)
It's not that bad. It's just that I haven't had time to figure out how the webcam works yet so alas, there's no new pic this week.

These are my toes. On the end of a dock on South Pender Island. Pre-Pedicure, as you can see. I can't remember whether it was later this day or sometime the next when I got them done. What a treat that was, staying at a beautiful brand new resort at a staff rate (thanks, Jacquie!)

I have had a lot of lovely trips this year. Hopefully I'll have the other pics by next week (and figure out the cam too).

Dienstag, August 09, 2005

I'm home

Apparently, my boobs have grown.
That's the greeting I got from Uhu when I walked in the door.
Oh good lord, I really really hope not!

I have many blessings, this evening.

A safe return (thank you, Jules, I'll never neglect you again)
A new friend (hey Mo, fist me Baby!)
A fridge full of Okanogan goodness (cherries, nectarines, blue & black berries)
A nice shrimp stir fry prepared for me by my house sitter (so he let the plans die, oh well)
A sweet tan and a golden glow inside too :)

Montag, August 08, 2005

re cap

The sun has gone down. But not before I had the time of my life. This has been a weekend CHOC full of FUN FUN FUN and oh so very necessary escapism. I just happen to have one of the best sisters, EVER, to party with (toss in assorted Stingers and a D-girrl and you're good to go anywhere). She actually out-puffed the Sass yesterday,which I'm still surprised and shocked about, but you couldn't wipe the smile off of my face if you tried right now.

I'm at a complete loss at how to go about the re cap.

There were several extremely yummy salads, one with crab/avacado, one with goats cheese and I forget what else and one with shrimp. I love salads when it's too hot for anything else, you're sitting on a patio and sippin on somethin that accompanies it perfectly (tonight it was Freddy's own Honey Lager... and we had 5 litres at a time delivered to our table, in a big long bong-like dispenser).

Mmm the accompaniments these past sun soaked days... Strongbow on the boat (to match the yellow leather seats, for sure), Gewuertztraminer with the birthday dinner yesterday, gin and tonics last night when "nichts gehts mehr" occured.

Enough with the food & bev reviews, how was the ~scenery~?? Well, at a world class downhill biking competition, what else can you possibly expect but the finest of the fine? Our eyes (all seven sets) were treated to an array of beautifully toned hard core downhillers. In fact, in a scene that I felt should have been included in a Matrix film, we sat, humbled the only way I can attempt to explain the sitting on the pavement at the base of the hill, transfixed by the what seemed to be slow motion moving passers-by. A constant stream of talented, sweat and dust covered young men (and women, let's not forget the women!). My inner people watching fanatic was having a heyday. Or is it hayday? Ach, have another drink, SG!

I also have to highly recommend the staying-at-a-friends-house route, especially if you are low on funds in the first place and then get bitch slapped upside the head with an $800 repair bill halfway through. I have to say thanks and invite said friends to come to cowtown so I can return the favours.

For now, I have to say nice to have been places I have never been before (including to the top of the hill after a hilarious hot gondola boxed ride with aforementioned birthday having sister and D Girrl). Mind blowing scenery, I *heart* bc fruit, sweet sweet friends I get to have a date with once a year, new music lasting through the speakers, an afternoon spent on a blanket in the shade enjoying the breeze... Life just don't get better than this.

Okanogan Sunset

2 (or 3) fingers Southern Comfort
equal parts:
orange pineapple banana juice

notice the lack of anything red? (indicating that the sun is setting?)
It's beause you never want the sun to go down!!

Samstag, August 06, 2005

a girl named Mo

I'm having the time of my life this gorgeous summer night in Kelowna. What the hell am I doing in Kelowna, you ask? Well, not only did we get a little sidetracked by my favorite winery (Summerhill), but Jules decided she wanted a little break, a reverse piggy back ride on a BIG-ass tow truck and a new fuel pump, no less.

So Mo, my new totally-on-the-same-wavelength buddy/roadtrip partner extrordianaire and I spent the evening hooking ourselves up with our new ride (an amazing 2005 dark green blazer with 3,500 kms on it) and learning how to wakeboard out on the beautiful Okanogan lake, topped off by a delicious dinner with a group of her friends at a restaurant we ~get this~ drove the boat to. Life just couldn't possibly get any better than this, even if we had planned it!

So here's to fruit stands, sunsets, warm summer nights, the gentle waves that rock the boat, and a surprisingly nice change of plans.

Donnerstag, August 04, 2005

Mittwoch, August 03, 2005

done! done! done!

it feels SOOOO good to be done at last!

Already enjoying my second mango (now I know why they call it hard!) and the birthday girl and I are readying ourselves for a night out. Starting on a patio, so we can still catch the last rays of sunshine.

Then tomorrow, wake up, leave town!
I love it.

See all you lovelies on the other side

Dienstag, August 02, 2005

mellow's not even the word

Ok, so the bath never happened. I still feel as though I am levitating, at least a foot and a half off the ground. I have a funny feeling I should have checked my horoscope today, it would most certainly have been full of good things. Although I read something recently about Mercury being in retrograde and how that affects communications of all kinds... Hmmm one to ponder.

Another time. Right now I'm revelling in
- a new *very cute* skirt, given to me this eve as a gift from housematey #1, Uhu
- potato & cheddar perogies and sour cream with fresh pepper for dinnah
- a marvelously delicious hot date on Sat that yes, I'm driving 12 hours for
- the brilliant idea of giving my sis a spa day for two on Friday as a b-day gift
- the after effects of yoga and inverted poses, mango extra cider and this beautiful night...


tiny bubbles

Another day at the grind is coming to a close. One more and I’m off to mountain paradise by the sea (and many many mountain biking boys). That makes Sassy smile. And almost forget about all my aches and pains, which there are an abundance of right now. Am I getting old? Or just working too much?

Whichever it is, tonight’s Yoga class should bring some much needed relief. Maybe even a bubble bath afterwards. I have a fully stocked fridge of bevies to choose from (stopped by the liquor store on my way home from the function on Sunday night- it amuses me to go shopping in my tux shirt and bow tie, it really does), so I can sip while I soak my worries away. Cause I know that worry is partially causing these knots in my neck & shoulders. And life’s too short for that. I declare the bathroom an anxiety-free zone.

Montag, August 01, 2005

Secretive? Not so much. The rest? Bang on.

You are nurturing, kind, and lucky.
Like mother nature, you want to help everyone.
You are good at keeping secrets and tend to be secretive.

A seeker of harmony, you are a natural peacemaker.
You are good natured and people enjoy your company.
You put people at ease and make them feel at home with you.