Montag, Mai 28, 2007

bursting at the seams

I am in love with life lately.

I loved this past weekend, the running around doing errands for the wedding, finally finding the motivation to clean the house at 8 pm while my love worked on beautifying the yard. Sitting on the floor working on the invites with one of my closest friends, A and my future mother-in-law (who granted me permission to call her 'Mama' as her son does). Receiving two Super Soakers as a gift from my sister, and promptly lending them to my three precious nephews to go break in in the back yard, clad in kitchen garbage bags and huge grins.

Having the day off today to lounge in bed, watching pointless tv and eating my favourite cereal, a lovely surprise visit my future husband over lunch and a leisurely afternoon spread before me to run yet more wedding errands, discover my brother on Facebook and plan the next Goddess gathering (belly dancing)!

Yes, I'm just about as happy as happy can be, I see the light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel and I greet each coming day with cheerful expectation. Life is so good.

Montag, Mai 21, 2007

In other news, it's snowing

Seriously. Woke up to snow this morning. Already grumbling cause I had to go into work while the rest of the country slept (we observe Queen Victoria's Birthday here for some reason) it was quite a shock to the system to see the flurries outside the window. It's mostly gone now, although there could be some left up on top of the hill where we live. Hmmm. Mother Nature sure is out of whack.

She's not the only Momma feeling out of sorts. I am *almost* done with the first trimester, but my bouts of nausea have not let up. Kind of a bother while I'm trying to be the super multi-taking organizing queen that I usually am (work being crazy busy AND wedding planning non stop).

I am getting some stuff done, including a wedding website... (leave a comment if you want the link!)

3 days till my b-day...

Freitag, Mai 11, 2007

I am marrying the sweetest man in the world

These arrived today:

The card reads "Sass, to the Mum to be! Love, your Husband to be"

Happy Sigh.

Donnerstag, Mai 10, 2007

On getting dressed

me: "Does this look like a tent?"

my love: "Would you like to wear something else?"

me: "You didn't answer the question"

Montag, Mai 07, 2007

Bloated and it's getting worse

Wow. 8 weeks today and I seriously can't get my skirt done up.

I had a different skirt on this morning that I *thought* was going to do the trick and the moment I sat down in the car to leave for work the zipper popped. Argh! Now here I am with my blouse pulled down over the top of my jeanskirt to try and hide the fact that it's undone. Sigh. Guess it's time to go maternity clothes shopping!

The weekend was a wonderful but exhausting blur of home spa-ing, running around making wedding plans and attending family dinners. I wish I could find the energy at the end of the day for all the laundry, cleaning and general tidying that the house deserately needs but mostly I just can't get back up once I hit that couch.

I need a sign to wear around my neck: Quiet, Please! Baby under construction!

Here's to hoping that the rumours of having more get up and go in the 2nd trimester are true...

Mittwoch, Mai 02, 2007

back to me

Ahhh. I feel 'relatively' normal today, after a week of constant nausea. Just allowed myself the small treat of a cuppa joe with some hot chocolate mixed in. Mmm. It's really the little things, these days.

While I am usually all for the mind over matter theory concerning most things, this particular 'thing' has taken over my whole being. The more I read about the changes that are happening (and the ones still to come) the more fascinated (and somewhat unprepared) I feel. But I trust my body completely to do what it needs to do, my major responsibility now being to fuel it and give it enough rest and relaxation.

Started my pre-natal yoga class last night, in a room full of hugely expanding bellies. I felt like a bit of an impostor as I probably won't even begin to start showing until 2-3 months from now (hopefully *after* our big day). But it was fun to look around and see all of these glowing women in different stages, there was a wonderful ~excuse the pun~ expectant energy in the room.

I also feel wonderfully expectant of what is to come.