Dienstag, Februar 28, 2006

Love month concluded

What a rush it has been. I'm not ready to let go of love month just yet. A mere 13 minutes and it'll all be over till next year.

February was a hard month for me for awhile. The non-celebrating of both Valentine's and my wedding anniversary both fall within these 28 days (thanks to BahHumbug Turkey boy). This year I got a massage on what would have been my ~shudder~ 12th year of weddedness. My oh my, it's all about choices, isn't it?

I made the choice to embrace love and everything to do with it, on V day a couple of years ago while I was living at Emerald Lake. I invited my friends and coworkers to drop by for a lovin' potluck feast, and dragged two long tables into my tiny living room in the residence. The tablecloth was a roll of silver wrapping paper with big calligraphied 'LOVE's across it. And that's what sat down, 12 or 14 beings full of light, bringing their dishes and stories to share.

I don't necessarily believe that it has to be a certain month in order to celebrate Love. It's in our hearts every day, bubbling up and overflowing all around. May we all have alottalove all year round!

Montag, Februar 27, 2006

Goddesses Gathered

SUCH a great weekend, such a wonderfully successful Goddess party! I am very excited about the future of our Collective... Thanks everyone who came out :)

tee hee

Sassafrass --[adjective]:
Sexually stunning

Freitag, Februar 24, 2006

The naming of Goddess Sassafrass

sass*made in heaven* says:

Tank Girl says:

sass*made in heaven* says:
sup girlfriend

Tank Girl says:

sass*made in heaven* says:
is that something dirty?

Tank Girl says:
nah much... just checking the ol email before bed

Tank Girl says:
no.. it is hugs

sass*made in heaven* says:

sass*made in heaven* says:
i was gonna say, talk dirty to me mama

Tank Girl says:

Tank Girl says:
what's shakin?

sass*made in heaven* says:
Can I give you a Goddess name?

Tank Girl says:

sass*made in heaven* says:
Goddess Tank Grl

Tank Girl says:

Tank Girl says:

sass*made in heaven* says:
would you like to give me one?

Tank Girl says:
Goddess Sassafrass

sass*made in heaven* says:

sass*made in heaven* says:
sanks sista

sass*made in heaven* says:
I wish you could be here on Saturday

Tank Girl says:

sass*made in heaven* says:
I'm having a Goddess get together

Tank Girl says:
awwww, nice..

Tank Girl says:
i would rock that one

sass*made in heaven* says:

sass*made in heaven* says:
you sure would

Donnerstag, Februar 23, 2006

HNT the navel

Doesn't this look exactly like a belly button? It's actually part of a mountain top... you can see the original photo here.

Ok, that's cheating a bit (although creatively...). Here's another shot from the holiday party:

that's my beloved Uhu's hand (and the back of my throat... how lovely!). As you can see, we're having a fantastic time. Not sure if this was before or after the shoe-in-the-fountain incident.

Dienstag, Februar 21, 2006

je suis au retour

I don't know what to attribute it to exactly- the pinkeyedgrossness finally leaving me alone, the limbering and restoring powers of yoga done tonight, or is it the phase of the moon? Or maybe it's the combination of a perfectly slushy berry margarita and my mom's oatmeal crisps (made to welcome my hero/sista/landlady B back from her competition in Cali).

Whatever it is, the Sass is finally back (= got my groove on).

Was it the compliment received by a classmate "have you always been that flexible?" after the teacher had instructed me (out of 25 students) to do an advance pose. Can't remember the name, but it involved pulling a leg (up 45 degrees) with the opposite hand while sitting on the other leg. Get it? Got it? Good.

Yes, the sassiness has returned, and I couldn't be more pleased. It always seems to happen when I get kicked down and have to learn why I got me there and how to get back up again. But I learn! And sometimes I even pay attetion ;)

I've been getting asked a lot of questions, recently (finding that dating really has a lot of similarities to an interviewing process, non?) Some have even been good questions (the askers of which will most likely make it to the second date).

For example: what makes you smile?

1. Getting Sassified again
2. 85% Lindt
3. Real Ginger Beer
4. warm fuzzies from clients
5. this (out of a series) photo of my Island Girl purchasing her first ever veHICle:

(the little green square with the "N" is manditory for new drivers in BC)

You go girl!
(I taught her how to drive in my car before Jules, a little saturn)

Quote 4 today

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people"

~ Victor Borge

Montag, Februar 20, 2006

LOVE declaration

Time for a post so that pic of my bosom will be pushed down the page…

I’ve just been to busy out there Loving to write very much these days… Yes, Loving with a capital L. It is the foundation of my being; it is in every breath, gesture, look and touch. It is the energy that moves me, that inspires me to create.

It is what I choose to believe in, wholeheartedly. I know that if more people felt this way that there would be less strife in the world. Less sickness, less poverty, less conflict and less fear.

Let's Love one another, starting NOW

Donnerstag, Februar 16, 2006

Love week continues


"We had a lot in common. I loved him and he loved him"

~ Shelley Winters


"Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives"

~ Louise L Hay

HNT with heart

This was taken lounging by the pool on my vay kay. Listening to tunes mixed by the Troymeister (found myself singling along, out loud, a few times). I love how my rose quartz necklace (meant to help unblock my heart chakra) looks like a stethoscope. Mmm, my heart's in GOOD shape these days.

Dienstag, Februar 14, 2006


It matters not
who you love,
where you love,
why you love,
when you love,
or how you love,
It matters only
that You love.

~ John Lennon


I love LOVE day. Especially since I'm no longer married to a man whose birthday it is today. (Happy Birthday you turkey, wherever you are :) ) I hold absolutely no ill will, in fact I hope he is deliriously happy and enjoying his life. I know I am.

My sister and I have a bet going... who will receive the most bouquets today. Her record stands at three, from three different gentlemen. So far we're both 0-0. We'll see.

Guess it's time to put the Christmas decorations away now that we've moved on to another holiday, hey?

Here are some of my fav love quotes, from last year.

Go forth and love one another!!



Montag, Februar 13, 2006

parallel universum

I met you this weekend

An earlier version of you, that is, by about ten years

It blew me away- same eyes, same smile, same mischievous manner

Same giant like stature that made me feel both petite and protected

It makes me wonder what the universe is up to

Bringing you into my life

So completely unavailable

Then showing me another possibility

Of what could be

Freitag, Februar 10, 2006

A cloud of words

Monkey see, monkey do. Lifted this from the berry, you can go here and do it yourself too.

It's not that I'm lacking inspiration, in fact it's full to overflowing right now. Taking an extra long time to readjust (altitude, blame it on the altitude) from my holiday. Was up till 1 uploading the rest of the pics to Flickr... Can't wait to see the ones that the other 27 people in our group took.

Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2006

hnt on the side

It's all about the glamour, baby. This shot was taken at our company holiday party in December. Hair by Michel (got to love a hairdresser who calls and says 'where have you been? Come see me!'), earrings a gift from my lovely Aussie coworker, and the dress a black velvet vintage number of me ma's, altered last Christmas and destined to become a favorite. We had a lovely time at the pahtee, being on the planning/decorating committee meant that I was first there and last to leave, but not before dropping my shoe in the fish fountain, cinderella style. Whoops!

Mittwoch, Februar 08, 2006

Freitag, Februar 03, 2006

Journal Notes

Here is a little somethin’ I wrote about halfway through the week (in one of my few lucid moments), in my little notebook from Poet’s Cove:

There’s something about starting a book backwards. And there is something about starting a new book – period. A fresh slate, a brand new story. That was the message last Sunday as well- how do you tell your story? I have been choosing to tell it through new eyes and ears lately, it seems.

So many good things have happened since the beginning of this year. And we’re only a month in! Lying on a beach chair next to a pool in the Caribbean would pretty much top that list. It’s been a couple of hedonistic da(ze) here so far. I feel so very good- relaxed, healthy, vibrant, alive! Been doing some balcony yoga the past two mornings. What a beautiful way to start the day. That and having a xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx (edited by editor). Mmm yeah. So I’m doing pretty darn good, thankyouverymuch, :)

**anyone wanna guess what the xxs stand for? there's an amaretto dipped cigar in it for ya **

Donnerstag, Februar 02, 2006