Freitag, Dezember 22, 2006

Christmas Cheesiness

Thanks, Tobes!

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
BOTH. But not mixed.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Oh, they're wrapped. With pretty bows.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?
Either/or, as long as they're not those blinking ones.

4. Do you hang mistletoe?
Damn! I knew I was forgetting something...

5. When do you put your decorations up?
This year it was just before American Thanksgiving, I wanted the house to look pretty when I had both our families over for dinner

6. Favorite Holiday memory as a child?
The anticipation waking up Christmas morning. One year I got a Care Bear (Tenderheart) and I cried all morning

7. When did you find out the truth about Santa?
Very late- I was about 11! Still playing with Barbies, too...

8. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Yes, several. We have a celebration (it's the German thing to do) at my Dad's that night with sauerbraten and knoedel. mmmm.

9. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?
With Angels, I collect them

10. Snow! Love it or Dread it?
LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Developed a special appreciation for it living at Emerald Lake.

11. Can you ice skate?
Of course! Going to the pond in Canmore next week... Wanna come?

12. Do you remember your favorite gift?
Besides Tenderheart? It's Vincent. I get to pick him up tomorrow :)

13. What's your favorite thing about the Holidays for you?
Sitting around with my family, after my nephews have opened all their presents and are playing with their toys

14. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?
Butter Tarts

15. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Inviting people who have no place to be last minute to come and share in our festivities. Last year it was my sister's friend Craig (in the middle)

16. What tops your tree?
An angel. Used to be a cardboard star covered in tinfoil that we made at Brownies.

17. Which do you prefer giving or receiving?
Both. My family would tell you I'm always the first to ask "are we gonna open the presents now??"

18. What is your favorite Christmas Song?
O Holy Night

19. Candy Canes?

Donnerstag, Dezember 21, 2006

G'bye Jules, HELLO Vincent

Never before have I felt so poor and so rich in the same moment.

The scene: the food court at the mall. We had just come from signing papers which effectively handed Jules back to her maker (or taker-aparter, as the case now is) and had me named the new owner of the newly named Vincent. The butterflies had fluttered so high inside me I was afraid they would escape through my mouth should I attempt to open it. This made it pretty impossible to even remotely entertain the idea of eating. My love picked up some sushi and we settled in a semi private table towards the back corner, away from the snowflake light and sound display.

I needed to be tucked away, sheltered from the crowds of shoppers all around, not wanting them all to bear witness to my unravelling. I knew it was coming, the emotion so thick it was all I could do to look my love in the face and muster a smile. "Don't you want anything?" he asked gently. "Does frozen yoghurt count as dinner?" I answered.

'Insufficient funds' the debit machine read at the grocery store earlier that evening. Rock bottom hit hard. I thought back over the past week or two and mentally added together my purchases. Stamps, a few Christmas presents here and there, Contacts, Physio... "That's weird" I say, and hand the cashier my poor beat up visa.

Then off to the mechanics we go, to figure out the car 'situation'. Through a series of unfortunate mishaps and miscommunications, not only have I not been able to drive my Jules for the past week, but she is now being forced into early retirement. But, as the universe has decided to smile on me this year, a solution of grand proportions unveiled itself.

A short test drive and a few documents trading hands and POOF! I'm upgraded to a 4 year younger, 6 V stronger feat of German engineering. All thanks to my very own personal Santa Saviour Man, aka Love of my Life.

So there I sit in the metal food court chair and realize I don't even have enough coins left in my purse (or to my name) to purchase the Fruz. Tears of frustration and shame start to well up in my eyes as he takes my trembling hands in his. "Hey", he says softly "we're in this together".

And I accept and believe it. Take a deep breath, tuck the two fives he has layed discreetly on the table into my pocket, and get myself fed. I'll get him back and I've got his back. AND, I'll even let him drive. Every once in awhile.

HNT - the slit

Yes, I'm having as much fun as it look like here, on my 5th martini or so before fondue dinner. I LOVE these boots (even more so now that I got those non-slip pads for the insides) and it took me about 2 months to finally find them.

Cheers! And happy holidays!!

Donnerstag, Dezember 14, 2006

year in rear view

I saw this on a few otherblogs and thought it was an interesting idea (and I think I have done it before as well, but used the first sentence of the first post of the month).

Here, for your amusement, the first sentence of the last post of the month, 2006:

Jan: ... sure, some might say it's getting down to the wire here, but I say I'm just gettin' this party started!

Feb: What a rush it has been... I'm not ready to let go of love month just yet.

Mar: It seems my April fool's has begun a little early.

April: Sitting at the end of my peanut butter and jam packed weekend, wishing there was some way of injecting just a few more hours into it... not believing that it's over already.

May: The Goddesses Gathered for the second time, at the lovely home/studio of Goddess Siren

June: Hotels I have worked in Honey I call my love Hungry for some free timeto Hang out away from here Hardly just beginning Humming a Happy tune Harmony in all things Hugely indebted to you

July: Oh, am I ever a grumpy back-to-work person today, on a Monday of all days.

August: ... so, um, what do you do when you get to the bottom? (Learning to pole dance)

September: Another Friday, another good mood!

October: Update(d) Update Pumpkin: Purchased, yet not carved

November: I love getting Henna'd

HNT - Behave!

Imagine my surprise when I get a one word e-mail from my boyfriend yesterday afternoon with this image attached (victim's identity has been concealed for his protection). "Remember?"

Um, no. Sorry, honey. I have no recollection of this being taken OR who this is! Ooops.

Dienstag, Dezember 12, 2006

Feed 333 org

Besides the decorating, baking, shopping, etc. going on this time of year, 'tis also the season to think about the less fortunate. The ones who struggle on a daily basis to get by, to feed themselves and their families.

I came across this site, started by a woman with an idea, a vision, to do something to help.

Please check it out:

(I haven't seen it yet but happen to know that it's gonna be in my stocking)

Montag, Dezember 11, 2006

mmm that was fun

safe bananas

We had a very exciting day at work today. Our bulk order of banana guards arrived, and hilarity ensued.

Mine is glow-in-the-dark. Cause, you know, you never know when you're gonna be looking for your banana in the dark!

8 more work days, then I'm off for 10!

I love my job and my colleagues, bt I also love having some *extra* paid time off to relax, hang out with family, and get a head start on my 2007 reading list.

Freitag, Dezember 08, 2006

Sassy Girl & her Love
Over the Moon, N.W.
Cowtown, AB

This is what my address labels look like (well, sorta, you get the general idea) for the Christmas cards I am going to send out next week.

I was reflecting on where I am right now in life and I realized that I can finally call myself a traveller on that 'path' I have been referring to all this time. Whenever I was asked about how things were going in the past, this would be my generic response. "I feel I'm headed in the right direction to be on the path I want to be".

Well, gentle readers, the time has arrived. We ARE the ones we have been waiting for. For the most part, I'm living in the moment with a grateful heart, regular meditation and excersise have replaced some of my bad habits, I am blissfully creating a home with my equal and loving partner. And so it is.

p.s. TWO hours and I get to leave for the weekend mountain party... Bringing my skis and skates but have the feeling the only 'sport' will be drinking. This will be the first time staying at the fancy schmancy hotel since my ~ahem~ honeymoon 12 years ago. Wow. Weird?

Donnerstag, Dezember 07, 2006

HNT - the lips

... caught in the act at my company Holiday party this past weekend. Hey, at least I didn't drop my shoe in the fountain like last year!

Montag, Dezember 04, 2006

And a Bookworm in a Pear Tree

An e-mail was sent around my place of employment today (by the same lovely soul who started the baking exchange), inviting anyone who might be interested to bring books to lend out to the boardroom Friday at lunch, and 'be prepared to talk about them'.

This prompted a thorough sorting (and categorizing) of my newly-on-display collection of 4 shelves of literary goodness tonight in my study/meditation room. This is in fact the first time *ever* that I have had all of my books in one place, and space enough to put them all in an real bookshelf together. I have often thought about how the eclectic mix came to be, and if I would ever actually get around to reading them all. I had also had the recurring idea to start some kind of book club type of thing, or at least a review now and then (maybe even here).

Well, now I have the chance of sharing a bunch with my coworkers as well as with you, IIFs :) I've picked a dozen or so to bring in (and have artfully inscribed my name inside with my pink glitter pen), and would like to offer up 12 titles I have picked out for this arena. To make it fully interactive, I'd like you to vote on which one should be read/reviewed in which month of '07. Thanks in advance for your help :)

After reading through the titles, I have come to the conclusion that only one single one is fiction (and one of Oprah's picks, actually):

1. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
(winner of the nobel prize)

2. The Four Agreements Companion book by Don Miguel Ruiz

3. The Power of Now ~A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment~ by Eckhart Tolle

4. Spiritual Economics ~The Principles and Process of True Prosperity~ by Eric Butterworth
(the unfinished textbook for a course I took at CPL this fall)

5. A Woman's Worth by Marianne Williamson

6. Fragrant Sensuality ~Aromatics and Nature's Essential Oils~ Valerie Ann Worwood
(Aromatherapy is the theme for my homemade Christmas gifts this year)

7. Aus eigener Kraft ~Gesundsein und Gesundwerden in Harmonie mit Natur- und
Mondrhythmen~ Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe
(a German book about Moon Phases and Health)

8. The Voice of Knowledge ~a practical guide to inner peace~ by Don Miguel Ruiz

9. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
(Self Realization Fellowship Founder)

10. Feeling Good by David D. Burns, M.D.
('The New Mood Therapy' from PENN U, circa 1980)

11. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
(I vote February for this one)

12. 14 Day Herbal Cleansing by Laurel Vukovic
(I like to cleanse 2X/year, this book has great tips for purification techniques beyond just diet)

extra bonus (the bakers dozen version)

13. Strong Women Stay Slim by Miriam E. Nelson, Ph.D.
(to help support/inspire my thrice weekly weight training sessions at the gym)

Which one do I read first??

A sign

... this is my 421st post!

So I walk into my gym this weekend which has been undergoing some major renovations lately, and I'm greeted with the following sign:

"There may be a strong smell of glue throughout the club as the construction workers are putting the mats in. We apologize for any inconvenience."
That made for an interesting workout indeed.

Freitag, Dezember 01, 2006

Deck those halls

Have I mentioned how much I love firsts of the month? And Fridays? And Baileys in my Gingerbread Latte? Mmmm it's mixing nicely with my cold medication (teehee) as I try and fight off this cold once and for all to be in good shape for the upcoming partees. First up: my company's tomorrow evening, and we get to stay over in the fancy schmancy hotel across the street. Add staying in fancy schmancy hotels to my favorite lists.

Double that next weekend, when my love's company parties it up in an even fancier (schmancier, if that's a word) hotel in the mountains. Who knows, I may even get some skiing and ice skating in over the two days we're out there. Yes, I'm certainly thick into the holiday spirit this year... I have made my list but have yet to check it twice. There are 23 days left, bring on the baking shopping wrapping christmas card writing cheer!

Donnerstag, November 30, 2006

hnt henna foot

henna foot
Originally uploaded by ssygrl.
I love getting Henna'd. It's such a cool feeling, the paste going on, drying, flaking off and voila! A beautiful adornment that lasts for weeks. I got this done at the woman's show this summer, where I also learned how to stretch properly, what my bone density was, all about super foods and much more.

Montag, November 27, 2006

diary of projects currently underway at my house*

(Or, how the house got clean and festive in twelve easy staps)

-how to attach mini christmas tree with fishing wire (yet to be located/purchased) to anchor it so that the cats don't knock it over
update: I used gold ribbon, it looks so festive!

- contemplating whether to put empty boxes in garage (to be picked up SOON) rather than in the basement
update: put em in the basement, who am I kidding with this 'soon' stuff?

- enjoying the whirring of the dishwasher as the new jumbo wine glasses, dozen water goblets and 12 each of the utulitarian dinner plates and soup bowls get all clean 'n sparkly for our feast
I heart IKEA. So much.

- transfering Mary's b-day card from the passenger seat of the car (where it sat patiently all day yesterday during my travels, awaiting a send off that never happened) to the front entrance, *two* houses away from the mailbox.
update: um, I think it's still there. Thank goodness for MSN, I got to wish her a happy b-day in 'real' time :)

- more enjoyment from the sipping of my fav warm beverage of the season (which sure could use some bailey's, hmmm)

- contemplating a quick jaunt two blocks to frequent the local liquor dispensers (which would take me right past the mail box...)
update: opted to stay home (and sober) (and warm) and get projects done

- move to a little Craig David & Jamiroquai to stretch out the stiffness in the muscles from upper body day at the gym

But I'm travelling, not moving as I get lost in my thoughts discovering and beginning new projects all over the whole house. Besides the moving boxes, new glass and flatware, and Christmas decoratin' happenin', there's also a multitude of cleaning/putting away and it's all blending nicely with the different thoughts that are floating through this warm-fuzzy-filled mind. Each room brings another... we have the great swap-out-the-tupperware-bits-that-have-no-matches (update: now known as the 'stand back and throw' cupboard) in the kitchen... then boom! Breakfast time hits.

I do get distracted easily, don't I? The multi-box of Unicef holiday cards lie on the counter, awaiting well wishes to be written and deliveries to be made (with my track record of getting mail *into* the mailbox, this may take until spring).
Something leads me to cleaning out under the bathroom sink, which logically leads to cleaning under the kitchen sink, which somehow leads to the wrapping of my nephews 2 month late birthday present (are we noticing a pattern here?) , which leads to even *more* decorating! See, I found a great solution for disguising the fugly brown glass 80's light fixtures throughout the place by hanging silver snowflakes and balls from them.

Then I decided I needed to get back to the cleaning... bathrooms (all three) and then finally putting away the pile of clothes on the bed, so I could make it! Whew!

All in all, a two and a half day project, but it was worth it in the end. The end.

*just in case you were wondering what I was doing with my 4 days off

Montag, November 20, 2006

me 'n Shiva

You know, for the amount that I actually do post, I spend a whole lotta time *thinking* about posting. It seems subject matter doesn't stick around long enough to be formulated into written paragraphs... It is floaty, fleeting, fast and then it's gone.

A few of the thoughts currently bubbling through my consciousness have to do with the holidays, how quickly they are approaching, how nice it will be to have my whole family as well as my love's parents over for dinner on Sunday. How the house will look after *finally* having a couple of solid days in a row to put it all together. How my sister's three boys will get along with the three cats (but since they have kitties at home as well this is not too much of a concern).

The clearing of the garage uncovered three MORE boxes for my study/meditiation room, just when I thought I had it all under control! However, as I explained to my bewildered Sweetie as the contents of the front and back closets lay all askew throughout the living room and den, chaos is normal and expected when combining households. Like Shiva, it must be destroyed in order to be rebuilt.

Maybe once the house is settled there will be more continuity here... In the meantime, fleeting and floaty it is.

Donnerstag, November 16, 2006

HNT My Sistas

While I didn't exactly get Nekkid with my sisters yesterday, we had ourselves a lot of fun at this photo shoot. This is to be a Christmas gift for our Mom & Dad, the last one we did got a bit outdated (we were 16, 17 and 23 at the time).

Sonntag, November 12, 2006

ahhh da weekend

I could get used to this.

It's Sunday mid-day, and we've feasted on french toast and turkey bacon (yesterday it was pancakes), I'm sippin on my second cup of coffee 'n eggnogg and feel totally relaxed.

Whether it was ignoring the call from my catering boss, the grocery shop that filled the fridge, the shall we say 'tittilating' visit to the sex show, discovering the most delicious chinese food outside of china town being served just down the street... It has been the most delectable weekend in a very long time, and I look forward to more of the same for some time to come.

Off to tackle the rest of those boxes blocking my parking spot in the garage and to bake some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I must be happy :)

Mittwoch, November 08, 2006

The scent of dreams coming true

"Today I rest in the peaceful stillness of God within me. I allow myself to be carried in the river of life, knowing without words that all is well with my soul."

-Daily meditation from the lovely people here

I love the shifts that are happening in my life this month. Finally getting settled in in an actual HOME, filling the fridge and cupboards with good, nutritious food, having a space all to myself for meditation and reflection. I find that as I sort through and unpack the many boxes that have followed me around since teenagehood, I am rediscovering all of my hopes, dreams and passions. Now I feel I am in the right time and space to concentrate on expanding my knowledge in these areas (mostly natural cooking and healing arts).

Tonight, I'm going to a seminar put on by these fine folks . Smell ya later :)

Dienstag, November 07, 2006

The randomness continues

64. Current hate?
Hard to say... I hardly ever use that word. How 'bout when people drive behind me with their High Beams on? That infuriates me every time.

65. Favorite place to be?
With my love :) Near the ocean

66. Least favorite place to be?
I'd have to say at my desk at the moment

67. Where would you like to go?
To the ocean, with my love :)

68. Do you own slippers?
Yes, 3, no 4 pair. I'd like to learn how to make them like my Grandma used to, before her arthritis got too bad.

69. What shirt are you wearing?
I have this one on

70. Do you burn or tan?

71. Would you be a pirate?
no, I'm too much of a girly-girl

72. Last time you had an alcoholic drink?
I had a 1/4 glass of wine at dinner last night, before I went to play soccer

73. What songs do you sing in the shower?
Diana Krall/Harry Connick type jazzy things

74. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
big fish

75. What's in your pockets right now?
a bobby pin and *surprise* a kleenex

76. Last thing that made you laugh?
"Oh no you didn't oh no you don't" my colleague making fun of a customer she just spoke to. Same girl just answered the question of what she is doing tonight with "playing Lego Starwars".

77. Best bed sheets you had as a child?
Where do they get these questions?? Flannel, and my mom still has 'em, I bet

78. Worst injury you've ever had?
I have been very lucky (or maybe just not much of a risk taker)... slicing my thumb in the bread slicer. Still have a scar.

79. How many TVs do you have in your house?

80. Who is your loudest friend?
JC, she's in Yellowknife, but I swear I can still hear her sometimes!

81. Who is your most silent friend?
Julia, an artist who lives in TO. It sounds like she's whispering when she talks.

82. Does someone have a crush on you?
I'm pretty sure my honey does. He better!

83. Do you wish on shooting stars?
All the time

84. What is your favorite book?
I really enjoyed the Alchemist

85. What is your favorite candy?
Wine gums (you meant besides chocolate, right?)

86. What song do/did you want played at your wedding?
"Stuck in the Middle with you"

87. What song do you want played at your funeral?
"I had the time of my life"

88. What were you doing at 12 AM last night?
Lying in bed, being thankful that the kitties weren't meowing incessantly like the night before

89. What was the First thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
Wow, the cats sure were quiet last night!

Freitag, November 03, 2006


51. What's your favorite Christmas song?
That one that goes "Fall! On your knees! Oh hear, the Angels voices...

52. What do you prefer to eat in the morning?
Joghurt, or yoghurt, or however you want to spell it. And fruit. Cereal with soy milk.

53. Can you do push ups?
I can do many more 'ladies' style

54. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
I believe that is still in my future :)

55. Do you like painkillers?
If I am experiencing pain, yes. Percacet has saved me on one particular occasion

56. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
my smile

57. Do you own a knife?
yes, and it has a nifty cheese slicer on it

58. Do you have A.D.D.?
No, and it kinda annoys me when people use this as an excuse for everything

59. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment:
Can I get this done before I have to leave? Will there be time for a beverage (it IS Friday afternoon, after all) How cold is it outside?

60. Name the last 3 things you have bought:Gas, Winshield washer fluid, mexican lunch yesterday for me and Goddess Trinity

61. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
Water, Green Tea, Cranberry juice. With Vodka, preferably.

62. What time did you wake up today?
Around 6:30

63. Current worry?
That I won't find the dryer knob I need to replace by tomorrow (store is only open till 5)...

... more to come, of you can handle any more randomness!!

Donnerstag, November 02, 2006


Originally uploaded by ssygrl.
My fearless female friend here is off to New Zealand and Thailand for a year. Good luck and happy trails to you!! Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures.

Randomness part 2

25 . love someone?
Hello? Did you read the last post? (See answers 1,5 & 8...)

26. When was the last time you told someone 'I love you'?
This morning, and the answer was "I love you too, so much"

27. How are you feeling today?
Terrific, despite a strange dream of almost falling off a cruise ship last night (dangling by my fingertips)

28. Have you ever crawled through a window?
Yup. Ah, teenagehood.

29. Have you ever eaten dog food?

30. Can you handle the truth?
I prefer the truth, although sometimes I greet it with defensiveness

31. What 3 things do you always bring with you to places?
cell phone, pda, lipchap

32. Any cool scars?
actually, there is one on my behind from the first shower I took with ML which I plan to turn into a tattoo (looks like a claw scratch)

33. Do you like or have a crush on anyone? Do they know?
Heehee. See #25 (and 26)

34. How many kids do you plan on having?

35. How often do you talk on the phone?
Very often, it's my job.

36. Do you talk to yourself?
Oh yes. And interrupt, when it's negative.

37. Is there something you want that you can't have?
Apparently, the universe is making me wait on that trampoline (no room in the current back yard)

38. Three things about the opposite sex that you first notice?
Hands, eyes, back

39. Where is your phone?
In my purse, on vibrate

40. What was the last thing you ate?
A mini peanut butter cup (damn you, Halloween)

41. Favorite Colors?
Green and blue (I like that you get to choose more than one)

42. Last movie watched?
That satirical one about the beauty pageant with Kirsten Dunst and Kirstie Allie

43. What song do you currently hear?
None, just the sound of my coworkers discussing lat night's 'Lost' episode

44. What do you want?
Funny, this was actually an excersise in our Spiritual Economics course. I want a happy, peaceful, balanced, sucessful, loving existance

45. How tall are you barefoot?
5 feet 6 and three quarter inches

46. Have you ever smoked heroin?
Um, no. And I thought one injected it...?

47. Do you own a gun?
I cohabitate with someone who owns a paint gun, does that count?

48. Who's your best friend?

49. Do you get nervous before "meeting the parents"?
I was SO nervous... especially when she cornered me in the kitchen after dinner to grill me about my ex husband's religious preference... Can you blame me??

50. What do you think of hot dogs?
As long as they're veggie or chicken, I'm fine with them

Mittwoch, November 01, 2006

Random Question Week

1. Who is the last person you held hands with?
My love

2. Do you sleep with the TV on?
No, I would prefer not to have one in the bedroom at all

3. Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton?
Oh, probably

4. Have you ever won a spelling bee?
Oh, probably. I always had great language skills (math... notsomuch)

5. Who's the next person you will be seeing?
My love

6. How fast can you type?
You mean mistake free? I learned on a german keyboard with all kinds of umlauts (that's my excuse, anyway)

7. Are you afraid of the dark?
No. Especially not now that my love has installed all of those blue glowy nightlights

8. Who can you always turn to?
I'm lucky to say a several people- my love, my mom, my sister, a handful of wonderful friends and Goddesses

9. Whens the last time you chose a bath over a shower?
Last night after soccer

10. Do you like pringles?
Hmmm. Tough one. Technically no, but once I start eating them...

11. Are you drinking anything right now?
Got a sip of water left in my big yellow cup (refilled approx 6x/day)

12. Do you think you're attractive?
Yes, I do ;) Good genes.

13. Can you hoola hoop?

14. Are you good at keeping secrets?
Not really. Well, I can, if they're REALLY important

15. What do you want for Christmas?
World Peace. Still waiting on that trampoline, too.

16. Do you talk in your sleep?
I think I have been known to mumble at times, yes.

17. Who's your daddy?

18. Have you ever flown a kite?
Of course!

19. When was the last time that you went swimming and where?
Last month at the local pool. Well, used to be local till I moved. Still have 8 passes left...

20. Do you consider yourself successful?

21. How many people are on your contact list of your cell?

22. Have you ever asked for a horse?

23. Plans for today?
Going to a memorial for a coworker who passed away this summer in a motorcycle accident

24. What's your middle name? And why?
Robyn. Cause I opened up my mouth like a baby bird for food soon after I was born.

Montag, Oktober 30, 2006

Monday... must be time for an

Update(d) Update

Pumpkin: Purchased, yet not carved
Motorcycle Re-test: Cancelled because of half foot of snow, re-taking spring course
Shovel: Scored one of the last 3 in the whole store
Move: 96.7% done. 1 1/2 storage 'closets' to go
Sister's 4 x 4: SO much fun in this weather
Weather: Not so much fun for the trick 'r treaters
Treats: Gotta pick some up... Ummm... gotta pick s'more up... Ouch my tummy

Freitag, Oktober 27, 2006

seven days two dogs one cat and one bird

Heading into what is going to be one of my last weekends looking after other peoples houses. It's time to look after my own! The house sitting thing worked well with my old, single lifestyle. I loved having a whole place to myself (especially the above ground part), perusing the bookshelves and cd racks to my hearts content. Walking the doggies and cuddling the kitties, the extra income helping me with the ever rising cost of living in this fair city.

It's a good transition time into cohabitating with my love. There was only that one moment of hesitation (dare I say fear?) that crept in about mid month last month. Since then, I have been embracing this new step, and have now moved into impatience for my duties to finally end. I want to unpack ALL my clothes into my first ever walk-in closet. Arrange the kitchen gadgets (and boy, did he ever some with some *fancy* ones!) into the many many cupboards. Set up my study/meditation room, exatly the way I want it. One more week and our new journey will begin, for real.

Mittwoch, Oktober 25, 2006

double V

I think my horoscope prediction is starting to kick in. A better sleep really changes your whole outlook on things, doesn't it? Plus the anticipation of seeing the love of my life after two (TWO) whole days without him.

There's something about fall that makes me want to listen to Simon & Garfunkel and jump in piles of leaves. I may just go and do that.

Dienstag, Oktober 24, 2006


Vigor and vitality are yours for the week.

So says my fortune cookie today.

Sure not feeling it so far... In fact I'm pretty darn exhausted and sore from the weekends activities. I had a post all ready to go Sunday night but the silly wi-fi I was connected with (thanks, neighbours!) wouldn't let me sign in. Sigh.

I was all positive and self congratulatory for having completed the course (and having learned how to ride a motorcycle), trying to look past the devistating blow of not passing the actual test. What can I say? I got silly nervous as soon as the testers showed up. But I have a chance to retake it on Sunday, so hopefully the aforementioned Vigor and Vitality will be fully functioning for me by then. Till then: massage, yoga, tibetan bowls, abundance training, and time with cuddly (four legged) pals.

Freitag, Oktober 20, 2006


This is it. My motorcycle course starts in one hour. May the angels be with me... by Sunday night I *should* have my license. Wheeeee!!!

Donnerstag, Oktober 19, 2006

Gettin' to know you...

In an effort to aquaint us all with each other at work (we have grown by about 50 people in the past year), they have decided to put up an intranet site with profiles, and gave us a list of questions to answer as we wished. Here are the ones I chose to answer.

1. How do you order your favourite hot beverage?

I really like the pumpkin and gingerbread spiced lattes this time of year, but my absolute favorite is a mocha with a shot of cinnamon syrup (mochas from Cafe Beano are the BEST). I also quite like a soy chai now and then.

2. What do have hanging on your walls at home?

Just moved last weekend, so we're still working on that! Our first piece of 'real' artwork is currently being framed, it's a black and white shot of the ocean, entitled 'Californication' by photographer extraordinaire and friend of the family Brenda Castonguay

3. Which website do you visit every day? I love seeing the new works by extremely talented co-workers such as plusoumoins and uberllama and posting my own amateurish ones to stay in touch with family and friends near & far.

4. If you could have lunch with one person living or dead, who would it be and what would you want to talk about?

Oh, it would have to be a dinner party, attended by Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Ernest Holmes, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thich Nhat Hanh and his holiness the Dalai Lama. The topic of conversation would be positive thinking, energy, compassion, world peace and quantum physics.

5. If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be?

Somewhere tropical, like Fiji, the Caribbean, or Hawaii. Ocean, beach, warm breeze, lots of stars at night and no traffic/city noise or pollution.

How about you?

Montag, Oktober 16, 2006

I dwell in love

The move is complete, we have made a sucessful merger! Just in time, too, as the fluffy white stuff is currently falling en masse from the light grey sky. I would *much* rather be at HOME today, doing some unpacking & settling in, but unforunately my time-off hours are in the minus, so here I am. Plotting furniture placement and watching the snowflakes drift by. My heart is light and my mind is at ease. As the Mama said as she departed yesterday, this is the happiest she has ever seen me. And so it is.

Today's (very appropriate) affirmation from CPL:

"I live in a loving universe, where God’s friendliness is on every hand. Divine love enfolds me and flows from me. I love the love of God in everyone I know. I am loved by the love of God in everyone I know. I dwell in love this day. "

Donnerstag, Oktober 12, 2006

HNT - Smiling eyes

These were my eyes before I ceased using the liquid liner about a month ago (went to have a makeup lesson and apprently this look is NOT 'in' any longer). I love pics where you can tell the person is smiling without seeing the rest of their face. If I end up getting wrinkles around the corners, so be it- it just means I'm happy a lot. Happy HNT, y'all!

Mittwoch, Oktober 11, 2006

New Digs

I searched for about two hours to find the perfect ecard announcement to send out to friends and family, letting them know that my bf and I are "shacking up". This one from came in a close second, but it doesn't let you format the text at all...

But then, at last, I found this cute little animated one from evite, where all of my contacts are stored anyway. Yay! It shows a truck stopping at this row of houses, loading up, and driving up to a lone house on a hill. That's kind of what it feels like- up up and away! From the downtown core, to more room (4 times the square footage!), more space to breathe. A whole huge house for us and the kitties to roam around in and make our home. Three more sleeps...

Montag, Oktober 09, 2006

Please make a stand today!

I have just read some very disturbing news on a blog that I linked to named Eteraz.

Please take a minute or two out of your day to do the following:

- Sign these two petitions which refer to the two of the seven women sentenced. Activists in the US have gotten personal confirmation that Iranian officials were influenced by petitions when they previously ordered stays of executions. The first is for a woman named Kobra. The second is for a woman named Malak.

- Submit the following letter (or something like it) to the Supreme Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khameini at his email address ( OR

Your Excellency,

May this reach you in the best of health and faith. On this day I beseech you to direct your attention to the fates of seven women of your nation who are to be executed by sangsar (stoning to death). I ask simply that you commute their sentences and disallow the use of the punishment of stoning to death in the future. Indeed, you must be aware that in 2002 your government placed a moratorium on the practice. Indeed, you must also be aware that the United Nations, which provided President Ahmedinejad the opportunity to promote the Iranian nation as one which is just and fair, has ruled that treating fornication and adultery as criminal offenses violates human rights laws. In fact, stoning these women to death would breach Iran’s committment under article 6(2) of the International Covenent on Civil and Political Rights. Indeed, you must be aware, as the Vilayet e Faqih, that the Quran extols “God is the Forgiving, the Loving.” (85:14). Indeed, you must be aware, as the Foremost Jurist, that the punishment for stoning to death does not exist in the Quran and is part of the Shariah via a hadith cited on the authority of Omar, the second Caliph. Iran is a great nation and many in the West wish for friendly and peaceful relationships with it, and the Muslim world at large, as equals. However, we as friends of the Iranian People do not wish the Nation of Iran of to violate the human rights norms with which the rest of the world abides. We ask that you not permit your citizens to be stoned to death. We further ask that you call for a halt for all future stonings. Finally, we ask that you grant your Minister of Justice, His Excellency, Ayatollah Shahroudi, the power to commute death sentences to life imprisonment.

A Friend of Iran
(Sign Your Name)

You may also modify your letter to “Further…” ask him to treat minorities equal under the law, and to provide equality of rights for women, as in Iran a woman’s testimony counts only half as much as man’s.

- CC this message to the ambassador of Iran in London, His Excellency Mr. Hamid Reza Nafez Arefi:

- Go to this website — of the Ministry of Justice in Iran — and paste this letter into the text area. The website is in Farsi but you can type in English. The first box is for your name; second box for your email address; third box for the subject; and fourth big box for the text. The Minister of Justice is His Excellency Ayatollah Shahroudi.

Your Excellency,

May this reach you in the best of health and faith. On this day I beseech you to direct your attention to the fates of seven women of your nation who are to be executed by sangsar (stoning to death). I ask simply that you commute their sentences. I also ask that you indefinitely postpone the executions of these women and others like them.
You may be aware that the United Nations, which provided President Ahmedinejad the opportunity to promote the Iranian nation as one which is just and fair, has ruled that treating fornication and adultery as criminal offenses violates human rights laws. In fact, stoning these women to death would breach Iran’s committment under article 6(2) of the International Covenent on Civil and Political Rights. Indeed, you must be aware that the Quran extols “God is the Forgiving, the Loving.” (85:14). Iran is a great nation and many in the West wish for friendly and peaceful relationships with it, and the Muslim world at large, as equals. However, I as a friend of the Iranian People do not wish the Nation of Iran of to violate the human rights norms with which the rest of the world abides. I ask that you not permit your citizens to be stoned to death. We further ask that you call for a halt for all future stonings. I finally ask that you request your superiors for the power to commute death sentences to life imprisonment.

A Friend of Iran
(Sign Your Name)


Thank you!

Peace be with you, at this time when we have so much to be Thankful for.

Donnerstag, Oktober 05, 2006

HNT - My sister rocks!

I *heart* this pic of my sis, and her Nekkid strong arms. She is one of the world's BEST dog groomers, and this just shows so well how focused she is on her work (and her buffness).

Dienstag, Oktober 03, 2006

The Meaning of Love

Both light and shadow
are the dance of Love.
Love has no cause;
it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets.
Lover and Loving are inseparable
and timeless.

Although I may try to describe Love
when I experience it I am speechless.
Although I may try to write about Love
I am rendered helpless;
my pen breaks and the paper slips away
at the ineffable place
where Lover, Loving and Loved are one.

Every moment is made glorious
by the light of Love.

Six months ago today I began this journey into the greatest love of my life. Never before have I been this happy or felt this blessed. I am humbled that the Universe chose to give me another chance at this and feel I am being richly rewarded for the years that I muddled through the crap.

Life is so incredibly good and it just keeps getting better. I am joyous and excited at what it will bring next, and determined to stay as much as I can in the present to savor every moment. Be absolutely grateful for it. It is wondrous, delicious, magical this soft place to land I have discovered. I feel like the luckiest girl alive and yet I *know* that luck has nothing to do with it.

As Rumi writes, it is so very difficult to try and describe. It's better just to go forth and let that light shine!


Montag, Oktober 02, 2006

lumps and bumps

Is it possible that something as insignificant as a pair of tights that don't fit properly can completely drive you around the bend??? I guess it is when the wearer of said tights hasn't had any SUGAR in the past two weeks. And breathe. Seriously- I must have picked up maternity ones by accident, these don't have elephant knees, they have elephant tummy and I don't have the *bump* it would take to hold 'em up!

Yes, this is a post about pantyhose. And ice cream. I had some serious cravings for it (or gelato) over the weekend, it almost got out of control. I even dreamt about it last night- I got a cone with 5 that's FIVE scoops! Now THAT would probably drive me around the bend. The end.

Freitag, September 29, 2006

my life in bullet points

Another Friday, another good mood! Now if there was only a way to make it last all week... This time, it's a combination of:

- being 1/3 of the way to my weight loss goal already

- the sucessful negotiation of who/when/where we shall spend Thanksgiving & Christmas, with 0 casualties!

- free sushi for lunch (and LOTS of it)

- officially being the teacher's pet in yoga class

- a house inspection & lease signing tomorrow... for the most *perfectest* place, complete with a big deck, trees in the yard, wood burning fireplace and... wait for it... a jetted tub in the master bath!

Oh, and I got these today (in virtual form), from the very friend who let me jump on the trampoline but who is now very very far away. *blows kisses north*

Yes, life is good, and it's progressively getting better :)

Donnerstag, September 28, 2006

HNT - Happy Feet

How long did I long to get the chance to jump on a trampoline? Oh, since about April. Finally, my wish came true thanks to my friend J, at a place she was looking after in Cochrane. Yay!

Freitag, September 22, 2006

Sweetest dreams

I'm not quite sure what to attribute this good mood to-

The fact that it's Friday?

That I have made it to day 5 of the cleanse with little or no withdrawl/side effects (save a few strange chocolate/coffee related dreams)?

That the Goddesses are gathering tonight and I may score some new duds?

Or that my honey and I are going to look at a house tomorrow with a HUGE backyard? (We know what THAT means...trampoline!)

Whatever it is, I am enjoying it fully. And the way my jeans are fitting today. It's time for a weekend, and although I will spend it housesitting, it's a lovely house in a funky neighbourhood with a sweet doggie to take for walks along the river. The amazing and diverse music and dvd collection on display in the living room doesn't hurt, either. The class I started last night on Spiritual Economics has already started to shift some of my thinking- I find myself reflecting on the overflowing abundance in my life, and how fortunate I am to be surrounded by it and contributing to it. It's all about the Flow...

Montag, September 18, 2006

Day One

Here we are at Mile Zero. I'm most of the way through the first day of my cleanse, and it's going very well. It's mostly mind over matter, right? I have learned over the years that I have a very strong will and can overcome pretty much any obstacle in order to reach my goals. This is something I have wanted to do for quite awhile now, and it's not like I'm new at or unfamiliar with it. My history of making what some would call 'radical' choices with food started at 14, when I did my first Master Cleanse after reading the book borrowed from Mom. It's also that book which led to my decision to stop eating red meat, when I saw that they had used the word 'flesh' to describe it. Ewww! I finally made the connection about what it was exactly that I was putting into my body. I have stayed off red meat for the most part (exceptions being my Dad's moose sauerbraten on Christmas eve), but eventually ventured back into chicken, fish and dairy.

It will be interesting to see how my body reacts (once I have achieved a clean slate) to different foods. I found a couple of excellent books at the amazing granola-haven place where I purchased my supplies yesterday. It combines yoga postures, breathing excersises and herbal treatments to make it a full body-mind-soul experience. After all, it is a whole shift in lifestyle that is taking place here, and it's nice to have such a comprehensive guide to accompany me through it.

It's funny, the massage therapist who came to our office today (and worked on the lymph nodes in my feet- ooooh yeah) gave me her business card- the name of her company is 'Peace of Mind', and I'm already feeling it!

Freitag, September 15, 2006

evacuations hijacking MIA oh my!

The head technology guy came into our area this morning and said very calmly "it has been recommended that we leave the building now".

I had briefly noticed the email that had arrived a few minutes prior from our Admin assistant "the gas smell has been reported..." but it didn't really register as I was engrossed in other things. So we all got our jackets on and out we went, dispersing down the block only to meet up again at the two main coffee shops close by. It's kind of a giddy feeling, to be 'let out' unexpectedly, not sure when and if you may return to your regularly scheduled work day.

I had a similar experience twice this past week with this here blog. As I tried to access it Monday morning, I was greeted with some kind of fanatical religious site, which seemed to have taken over my Sassy little world. I started clicking around, trying to find another way to access it, and found my tension level rising until it bordered on panic... Could it be? All of my posts over the past 2 years (2 years!) just... gone? Disappeared? The situation rectified itself shortly after, and my familiar template popped up again as if nothing had happened.

I'm taking it as a lesson in "you don't know what you've got till it's gone", and a reminder to enjoy what you have, while you have it. I was thankful to return to my desk this morning and resume my day, and I am taking precautions to preserve this tiny slice of the web via professional hosting by the one and only splorp. Thanks, G!

Donnerstag, September 14, 2006

HNT: The teeth

Even Seriouser
Originally uploaded by ssygrl.
Sometimes gummy candy is the *only* way to start your day.

Mittwoch, September 13, 2006

The dive

Last night just before I fell asleep I had a disorientating sensation.
I was perched on a diving board high above a large deep pool.
I could not see the bottom.

My breathing, which had been nice and regular since yoga class earlier that evening became laboured and shallow.
I wanted to curl up in a little ball and sink into the mattress.
I felt the hot tears rolling down my cheeks in the darkness.

Then all at once a feeling of calm washed over me.
I realized, I am not afraid. Of the impact, or whatever this pool may hold. I am old enough, I am strong enough.

I have the tools, the experience, the knowledge, the knowing.
What I bring to this union can only result in success.
And never ending happiness.

And so it is, and so it shall be.

Montag, September 11, 2006

Observations on a Monday Morning

  • the louder I turn up the Stereo, the louder the renovation work directly above my head increases
  • that's what a pile of tips from running my feet off for three days looks like
  • and that's what my feet end up looking like!
  • I am a smart smart girl for taking today off both jobs
  • Vanilla yogurt, sliced banana, and oatmeal cookie crumbles may be my new fav breakfast
  • I may just go back to bed now

Samstag, September 09, 2006


Exactly a week tomorrow will begin a 30 day long cleanse, which will (after a two hella week long detox period) rid me of my cravings and establish a new, healthy relationship shall we call it with food.

With assistance from Jayne Says, from an extremely helpful downloadable PDF she posted on on August 9th. Thanks, J!

Donnerstag, September 07, 2006

Drink Drank Drunk (ready for the weekend?)

How the heck can it be Thursday already? Wow. Well, it's Friday in my mind, a nice short week before I take a few days off for my other job this weekend, watchin' the horsies jump (oh yeah, and servin' some drinks). Unfortunately no Nekkid pic today- we forgot the cameras on our little trip to the mountains last weekend, where copious amounts of brew were drunk straight out of the jug while we enjoyed the temporary invasion of Scots (and bagpipes) to the town.

Last night was another missed photo op, as my housemates and I celebrated the other girl's birthday (once we hunted her down) with her posse of chicks at the Crack. The Crack! How happy was I to return to my old stomping grounds shortly thereafter, where earlier we had left the band as they started their first set. We caught their final one- from "I Will Survive" to a rocked-out version of "Let it Be" with some Police, RHCP and Sublime thrown in for good measure. But it was "Faith" that got me up on the floor shakin' what God gave me. I realized there on the uncrowded dancefloor that I really needed to get out and enjoy the company. Hangin' with the band was a bonus (they're friends of my sis). As were the drinks (my 'usual', poured by the big bear of a bartender with a knowing nod). It felt good to be revisiting my old haunt, finally putting some old memories to rest and creating new ones.

Samstag, September 02, 2006

P is for Procrastinate

... or is that Productive?

I'm feeling a bit both, which shouldn't perplex my gemini self. But Unky (or is it Punky now?) doesn't have one for the latter. So I'll teeter on the edge of both.

It has been a magnificent long so far, and I'm only about 1/3 in! I don't often get to have them, actually, as most of my customers wouldn't know what I was talking about if I were to wish them Happy Family/Heritage Day. But this is one holiday we both share, thankfully!

A massage preceded the leisurely walk by the river with my next charge and lovely his owner. There's not a cloud in the sky and I was *suddenly* inspired to take the windex to the living room window.

But now there's nothing in my way of tackling the 5 month old unsorted mail which awaits below...

Happy Labo~u~r Day to y'all, however productively and or not you choose to spend it!

Freitag, September 01, 2006

the soccer sister post

Trying not to re-hash the game yesterday evening too too much (we lost, not sure of the score grumble grumble). My sweet bf, roped in once again to play linesman was supporting me from the side of the field. Little does he know that saying "shake it off" after each goal scored against me is about as effective as saying "remember to breathe now" to a woman in labour. Ah, he means well. Poor ref- after more LOUD (oops) grumbles from me stemming from what *I* considered a bad call, I found him in my face. "I have PMS!" I hissed and he backed away slowly, ran up the field and stayed away from me for the rest of the game. HA! Serves him right.

I don't like that I allow myself to get into such a frustrated and grouchy mood. It IS only a game, after all. I don't usually play goal, but for various reasons (we don't have one this season and a calf injury has prevented me from doing much running), I've done it EVERY GAME. It's not all bad- I do enjoy the challenge and the rush when I DO save a goal (no, they don't ALL go in). There's something sweetly satisfying about drop kicking that ball and having it arc up and land somewhere near the centre line. I ended up spending some time with my sis (and teammate) afterwards, helping her fold the mountain of clothes on her bed as she prepared for her trip to a wedding this weekend. I'm so happy and thankful to have such a good relationship with her (it certainly wasn't always that way). We love, encourage, confide in and understand each other, unconditionally. Love you, B.

Donnerstag, August 31, 2006

HNT - my version of pole dancing

... so, um, what do you do when you get to the bottom?

Learning how to pole dance with the Goddesses a few weeks ago... I highly recommend ... it was a pole lot of FUN!

Mittwoch, August 30, 2006

I got tagged

by Razz... Here you go, girl:

1. I met my boyfriend while I was on a blind date with another guy

2. I love first days of the month and go around changing everyone's calendars for them

3. I also love cleaning hardwood floors (but hate vaccuming)

4. I gave up eating red meat 18 years ago and for a couple of months was completely vegan

5. The foods I crave most are spinach, artichoke hearts, dried mango and of course (dark) chocolate

6. My last name means 'Source' in Turkish. My ex didn't want me to keep it so I did

7. I actually thought the world might end on New Years 1999

8. I've never been more in debt, or happier than right now

Shan, K, Brea, T, Gypsy and Laurie, you're IT!

to Sass or not to Sass

During my 10-15 minute daily morning bike commute this morning, I reflected on how I haven't really done anything very Sassy lately.

Crossing at the corner where a bum asked me for change yesterday (I *almost* gave him my banana), past the church where they were watering the sidewalk again, gingerly through the broken glass of the bus shelter and across the bridge I was completely lost in my thoughts of un-sassiness. You can't really count getting drunk at my friends wedding this weekend and deciding to 'make peace with my past' with her brother, whom I used to date. I guess drunk me wanted an explanation as to why after spending a week together on a group holiday back in January there was not even so much as a goodbye at the airport. Not too sure I received an answer- all I can really remember of the conversation is "hey" pause "hey". Ah well, bygones to rude boyz. Who needs em?

Certainly not I, with the red Gerber daisy I *rescued* from the bunch in the office kitchen smiling back at me from my one-stem vase. What? It was all drooping and squished in that crowded one... Sass strikes again? Yeah baby.

Freitag, August 25, 2006

Friday Quote

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

- Marianne Williamson

Donnerstag, August 24, 2006

HNT - Tanlines

I was so excited to get a halter top bra, as this opened up my wardrobe possibilities by leaps and bounds... However, I didn't think about the tan lines that would then be exposed by having a bare back... Oh well! Lovely wedding, lovely bride. Love is all around it seems! (See original pic on my Flickr --->)

Mittwoch, August 23, 2006

I love lists


Dark stormy summer skies

Goddess friends who are willing to go to a didgeridoo meditation at the drop of a hat

The fact that I can spell didgeridoo

Being done all my house sits and responsibility-free till October 1st

My orangey-bronze painted toenails (Opi's NY something-or-other)

The middle of the week

Leftovers in the freezer

A bank account above zero a week before payday

The fact that yoga class starts in two weeks

Remembering to buy ‘supplies’ at the drugstore at lunch

Wearing gym pants to work and nobody cares

Fun meetings taking up 75% of my day tomorrow

My Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and Mechanic for putting me and my car back together after my accident two weeks ago

Just call me Humpty :)

Montag, August 21, 2006

fun fun fun till I smashed my shin into the pole

WOW! How much fun was that? Besides the bruised leg and um carpet burn on my foot, I had a fantastic time learning how to pole dance with the Goddesses.

The wedding was equally as fun, and I didn't trip once in my new shooz. I did get to dance with my love (just not under the pale moon light) and discover that he makes an amazing partner. This does not surprise me.

So if I get to raft down the river this upcoming weekend, then my summer list will be just about complete.

Oops, rafting wasn't on the list... but it should be! I think I'll start a new list for the Indian summer we're sure to have.

#1. MORE dancing. Barefoot and shoed. Bring it on!

Freitag, August 18, 2006

High on Heels...wobble wobble

The Goddesses will gather again tonight… I’m so very excited, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. You see, this isn’t just *any* gathering. Tonight, we are taking a class, involving a pole. I met with the sweet blonde petite woman who is to be our teacher a couple of weeks ago for lunch.

I’m also giddy to be able to wear my new shoes, which I purchased during my lunch hour today with my sweetie. He was so very patient with me on the first part of my quest last night at the mall- only one muttering of “we sure do shop differently” was heard but for the rest he was a trooper. I confirmed this shopping gender difference with my mom today, as we woman have to circle around, compare prices and styles, think about the possibilities with different outfits and HUNT that bargain! And a bargain was found (I had no doubt I would be victorious)… in the form of 3 inch ‘champagne’ colored strappy heels, absolutely perfect for the dress I’m wearing to a wedding tomorrow AND within my price range.

Now, actually being able to *walk* in them is a different story…

Donnerstag, August 17, 2006


Since I seem to be unable to come up with any original posts of my own at the moment, I invite you to explore a few of the blogs I have come across in my travels. Enjoy!

Ass K

Bella in Oz


East Side Girl



Hmmm.... all girls. Does anyone know if some good boy blogs out there?

Freitag, August 11, 2006

~news flash~

I just signed up for a motorcycle course in October.


Carry on and Happy Friday!

Mittwoch, August 09, 2006

Wounded girl

Poor, poor Jules. She’s pretty badly banged up- well the front left side of her anyways. I had a car accident yesterday morning, driving between the pool and work. I’m okay, the other driver is okay, his damages minimal and fully covered by my insurance. I’m left with my head still spinning, disturbed by his brisk and arrogant attitude “these things are always such a pain”. I had never been in a ‘live’ collision before (my last two incidences involved parked cars) and was visibly shaking as he copied my information down and gave me his. I’m angry that I let him intimidate me in that way, and that I believed him when he said we didn’t need to call the police and insisted that my car was fine to drive (it wasn’t, but I managed to get it from there to my boyfriends house about 10 blocks away without further incident).

The rest of the day was a blur, from phoning in to work bawling with the cat holding my hand (so very sweet), swinging by my lovely chirowoman to bring me down a couple dozen levels, to the nice lady at the insurance place reassuring me that it was all going to be fine, to renting the car and filing the police report, lunch, and some retail therapy. Funny how a stressful situation evokes the urge to do three things: eat, shop and drink. Which we did, when all was said and done, and toasted to our fourth monthiversary. Finally able to smile and think to ourselves one day we’ll look back to this day and think what an extraordinarily unusual way to spend it it was.

Montag, August 07, 2006


Ladies night at the Crack. Not a chance! I declare. But its Butt’s birthday, had to be there. She made such a big deal out of mine last year. The bouncer looks at my ID. I’m old, I say, too old to be here. No! He laughs, c’mon in. The curtain is up; the hounds are separated, for now. The music blares (just wait, it gets louder every song!). The enthusiastic males are up skipping and strutting around. I marvel about where they get their energy. The one dressed like a policeman makes me laugh. Then there’s the pilot guy with the Top Gun shades. Do they really think this is what women want to see? A couple of the girls slip bills into their g strings and get an abbreviated lap dance, more like a slither up and down their bodies. Um, yuck. I see a girl with a tattoo of an anchor between her shoulder blades and want to ask her why she got it. Humongous green and blue polka dotted beach balls hang from the ceiling by fishing wire and I wonder how I can get one down and take it home. We take a few trips to the parking lot, one so I can give the birthday girl her present- a large gift bag filled with gluten-free goodies. She jumps up and down and hugs me, and I’m glad I’ve made her happy. We dance a few times, but then the music gets thrashier and I go sit at the table alone. Big mistake. I’m immediately approached by a man 15 or 20 years older than myself. It’s his first time here he says with a slight accent. Your ears will hurt tomorrow I reply and slink away. Soon after I make my escape, bidding goodnight to my sweet girls. She gives me another great big hug. I love you. I embrace the words and hold them close to my heart. My dreadlocked lil sis-like being is off to new adventures in Kiwi land in a couple of months and I’ll miss her. Despite the difference in our ages and preferences in places to frequent, we always have a fun time together. And usually, if we’re paying attention, a lesson to be learned.

Freitag, August 04, 2006


Horoscope for today:

“This continues to be a time of transition with jobs and residences as you swing through changes and fluctuating events. Since you like variety, there’s kind of a certain appeal to this kind of flexibility; and a curious allure about where it will all end up.”

How completely accurate. Not only has my role recently changed at work, but I was interviewed for the international department as well (which would involve stints out of our Berlin office). My other job IS changing residences on a regular basis as a house sitter. I DO enjoy change, and embrace the chaos that is my life. Where it will end up? Well, I believe very deeply in the power of manifestation, as discussed at the mini Goddess gathering yesterday evening. So I decided that my next house sit will have a trampoline AND a hot tub, and my stay in Germany will involve a couple of trips to trade shows in Spain and other exciting European locales. And so it is.

Happy Weekend!

Donnerstag, August 03, 2006

when worlds collide

Sass “So what do you think of taking my mom with us when we go raspberry picking at your parents this weekend?”

Mano “Ummm, well…”

Sass “Don’t you think it may help them to understand me better?”

Mano “Absolutely!”

Montag, Juli 31, 2006


Oh, am I ever a grumpy back-to-work person today, on a Monday of all days. I should really have four walls on this cubicle of mine, extending to the ceiling. It took me most of the day to get through my 260-some emails that had clogged up my inbox, and my neck, hips and other parts are sore sore sore from reassuming the desk position. I had a restless sleep last night dreaming of being late due to traffic/work camp woes. Oh, and I missed the last two acts of the Folk Fest cause of some extreme weather and unpreparedness. Yes, I’m a big fat whiner. Good thing I get to go kick some (soccer) balls around tonight, that should get most of this out of my system. Let’s focus on the positive now, shall we?
- my raise showed up on this paycheque
- lunch with my two homegirls with a walk along the river
- I'm done in 7 minutes
- wow, that’s all I can think of

Samstag, Juli 29, 2006


and struggling to find *anything* good about it.

My honey sweetly reminds me that it's just the re-adjustment period, that grass-is-greener state of mind that happens when you come back from somewhere so beautifully and magically removed from your own reality. I could definitely live there, and have a deep knowling feeling that I will end up residing there, sooner or later, part or full time. Letting go and letting spirit take care of that one.

Finding it a little bizarre that part of what's helping me re-climatize to my metropolitan surroundings is hopping on the computer, having a look-see at what's happening in this virtual web we weave. I've been 'unplugged' for the past 10 or so days, except the last entry from the b & b (read = safe haven) in Tofino and one quick Starbucks hot spot (using my 'toy' for the first time to surf) to find it.

I've had the most outstanding and amazing vacation time, from start to finish. And I've got a whole *entire* day left, to go be Folksie with the Mama...

... just checked the schedule, I get to see both Matthew Good & Ani DiFranco on the mainstage!

Okay, okay, maybe one or two good things about this re-citifying thing.

p.s. sorry I missed you in Van, Miss Razz! Next time for sure.

Mittwoch, Juli 26, 2006

The Wild West Coast

Quick update from my holiday... it has been a blissful time of sun and sand and surf and I am loving every moment. Feeling so very very rich in so many ways, hugging trees and collecting pretty pebbles on the beach. I feel so alive in the salty air, holding hands with my love and strolling along the shore. Back next week with pics :)

Dienstag, Juli 18, 2006

thought of the day

"There are people who have money and people who are rich."

- Coco Chanel

Montag, Juli 17, 2006

Mary Mary quite contrary...

There’s something about finishing a house sit that’s not unlike checking out of a hotel. Except that you are your own chambermaid.

And gardener. The month long growth was a bit much to tackle with the manual machine I found in the tiny 1912 home-made-with–crates garage out back. Turned out to be a great workout, as I swatted at the mosquitoes (just ran out of my bug spray at the last soccer game) on my legs and wiped my brow of the sweat that quickly gathered. Ok, so it looked like a really bad haircut, but it got done.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I DO enjoy cleaning, and got really involved in the ‘tidying’ of the indoor garden as well, scoring myself 4 little ‘slips’ which will hopefully grow some roots for me to plant. I don’t have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination, but I found myself innately nurturing these little green shoots, thinking of how nice it would be to have my own little collection. What’s that they say about starting with a plant, moving on to a pet…

Donnerstag, Juli 13, 2006

HNT Sassy Stampeeding... Latin style

Sass inside
Originally uploaded by ssygrl.
Finally, I'm back in the swing of Nekkidness!!! Missed y'all.

I'm liking brown these days, and the plunge of the neckline. I'm liking alot of things these days, you can't wipe that smile off my face if you tried.

Happy Summer Nekkidness!

The Key to it is

I came back to the here and how and have been enJOYing it immensely…

There has been sushi, soccer, being a squeaky wheel, celebrating 3 months, singing cowboy songs and eating wings in a country saloon, watching Johnny Depp wielding a sword… and let’s not forget


Oh yeah, and I got the s’more one taken care of last week. Mmm s’mores.

Now I’m off to do some little donut eating, Cowboy ‘observing’ and trying not to flinch when the little calves get roped. Yee Haw!

Montag, Juli 10, 2006

I am

still here.

Although I feel somewhat like a space cadet today. My various aches and pains from serving all weekend are making me question whether it was worth the effort. One more show and I’m done for the season, maybe for good. At least the rain waited until the very end of the tournament, but then showed up with reckless abandon and a hurricane warning, knocking over the vase of flowers from the bar. I still brought them home to Ma, along with some leftovers which she practically jumped for joy at.

Three full days and three half days of work left and I’ll be off on my island adventure, with a stop in wine country for ‘supplies’. Booked myself in for a massage with the bride et al at the Empress for the day before her big day.

Not much of an entry, I’m stuck in the future and fun to come instead of the now. Better come back down to earth for awhile.

Donnerstag, Juni 29, 2006

The letter H

Hotels I have worked in
Honey I call my love
Hungry for some free time
to Hang out away from here
Hardly just beginning
Humming a Happy tune
Harmony in all things

Hugely indebted to you

want a letter? leave a comment!

Mittwoch, Juni 28, 2006

10 things I want to do this summer

- run through the sprinkler check! on my bike on the way to work this morning

- make s'mores

- wish on a shooting star

- pack a picnic and go paint the Monet-like bridge on Princes Island

- slow dance barefoot in the moonlight

- eat fruit fresh off a tree in the Okanogan

- dip my toes in the Pacific ocean

- jump on *someone elses* trampoline

- take my nephews to the Zoo booked! For July 4th, a surprise day off

- use up all my bubble juice

Montag, Juni 26, 2006

mountain goats and motorbikes

I’m sitting in a sunny spot on my yoga mat at the joining of two creeks, which run between two rocky bluffs. I have a little picnic, my meditation book, my journal and my thoughts. Perched atop one of the bluffs, directly in my line of sight, is a mountain goat. She’s been standing there for quite some time, staring down at me. On my way up the path on my search for a quiet spot, a couple of small rocks clattered down in front of me from above. Looking up, I see the inquisitive face of another goat, a young one (his antlers a couple of inches long). Left of him stood another, younger one, his antlers just little nubs.

I believe in the Native American tradition that every one of us has an animal spirit guide, and I have the feeling that mine has just been revealed to me. It makes sense, when I think about it- high energy, agile, curious, quick on their feet survivalists. Sounds very familiar. I had a deep knowing that spirit would lead me here this afternoon, to this very spot next to this creek, nestled at the back of K Country. The result of a decision made yesterday at the funeral for my colleague who passed away in a motorcycle accident earlier this week.

My boyfriend (who also knew my colleague through mutual motorcycling friends) and I had been planning to head out of town, direction west right after the service. The car was packed and ready to go. But then he learned of the ride that was going to take place as a memorial to Wade, past the place on the road where the accident occurred. It was clear to me by the look in his eyes that he needed to be a part of it. And as fast as you can say ‘plans change’, we were off, me to pick Jules up to make my solo journey and he to get his bike and meet up with the boys.

After a brief re-pack, car wash, and phone call to my massage therapist and hostess extraordinaire, I made my way out of town. My mind was heavy sorting the events of the day so far, sifting through and trying to make sense the emotionally charged days leading up to now. At the exact moment that I slow down to stop at the last set of lights on the west edge of the city, I think ‘wouldn’t it be amazing to see the guys ride by’, I turn my head to the right and six or seven striking racing bikes come into view. They merge in a solemn procession onto the highway and my light turns green.

It feels as though the oxygen has suddenly been sucked out of my lungs and my whole leg trembles as I press my right foot down on the accelerator. I watch in this breathless, quivering state as they glide along the curves and dips of the road, and take the Old Banff Coach Road exit in beautiful unison. I pass directly under the overpass as they cross above it, and in a burst of emotion I lay on the horn and give a wave out the sunroof.

It was a moving and fitting tribute to a man who lived his life passionately, expertly and without compromise or regret.

As his best friend recounted, his body hunched over the podium in the packed memorial hall, his voice cracking with emotion, Wade wouldn’t have wanted any of us not to live our lives to the absolute fullest, squeezing every drop of enjoyment out of it, leaping at every challenge or opportunity that presented itself. Honouring and being true to our authentic selves.

This in mind, I continue my drive out to the Rockies, enjoying the smooth, powerful German engineering of my Jules, awestruck by the awesome panoramic views of the mountains unfolding in front of me. I drink in the intoxicating beauty of the gentle giants that are slowly enveloping us and am again overcome with emotion and deep knowing that the universe is indeed perfect.

I spend the next 24 hours cradled in their omnipotent magnificence. “It’s much easier to be closer to God out here, isn’t it?” I remark to my rejuvenator hostess (also longtime friend and massage therapist) and she nods and smiles in return.

A soak in the springs followed by a massage and a steam. Sharing a good meal with an excellent BC gewürztraminer with her on a perfect summer’s eve. Singing along to my music as I glide up and down the twisty roads between my old friends, sharing the journey with other happy campers and motorcyclists.

It’s in these moments that I feel that I am fully alive. Sensing which muscles are being used to steady my wobbly legs on my first rollerblade of the season. Dipping my toes in the icy stream. Sipping a soy chai as I lounge in the sun basked window seat at the coffee shop while I alternately take in the view and flip through the local weekly paper.

On the second or third page I notice an article about a memorial service for a local woman who had gone missing while out hiking. It included quotes from people who were close to her, describing her with words like sparkly and bouncing. It seemed she had an unquenchable zest for life that just bubbled out of her, a joyful, unstoppable energy.

Although it is beyond sad that we have lost these people at such a young age, it seems that their passing is serving to remind us that it is our duty to live fully and consciously, EVERY DAY, during our precious and sometimes brief time here.

The creek continues to gurgle and wind past me and a butterfly flutters by. It is a spectacularly beautiful day in this corner of the earth, and I count my blessings, gather my things and head off to spend the remains of it with one that I love.

*addendum* the mountains called once again later that same afternoon. And I answered, riding on the back of the bike, holding on tight with breathless delight. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

Donnerstag, Juni 22, 2006

Rest in peace, sweet Prince

We lost a colleague and a friend two days ago in a motorcycle accident.

They said in the bereavement stuff that was sent around by HR that it's good to talk and write about it, but words are failing me. We will gather this afternoon to grieve and console one another.

All I had to say has already been expressed quite eloquently here. Thanks, Issa.

Dienstag, Juni 20, 2006

set·tle (verb): to make or become resident

“Does it bother you to have to pack up your stuff and move around all the time?” asked the mango giver, as she helped me lug my belongings from Jules into the new sit yesterday.

“No, not really” I replied, “it’s only every couple of weeks, and I get to settle in to this one for a whole month”.

Settling in usually takes me about two hours, or one and a half in a pinch. I’m not a light traveler, by any stretch of the imagination. As I gathered my piles of possessions together the day before, they took up the complete surface of the three seater couch. At least two big bags of clothes, 9 pair of shoes (shush), kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, some books and odds and ends. I really don’t consider myself to be a materialistic person. The only two things I was yearning for last night after unpacking were my inflatable bath pillow and Bob (my beloved lime green electric kettle from Amsterdam).

I put my tea, vitamins, pb and rice cakes in the cupboard, the soy milk and yoghurt in the fridge, my 10 items (and a couple few more) in the bathroom, my shoes by the door and the rest in my ‘new’ room. I’ve brought my own bedding (to make it a no-feather zone) and after my bath I happily snuggle into the soft flannel sheets. I’m officially settled. For the next 27 days.

Dienstag, Juni 13, 2006


It has taken me till halfway through this morning (and that extra 45 minutes of sleep) to fully recover from the weekend workin' the vip lounge alongside the jumping ring. I had forgotten how hard it is on the feet to sling drinks all day. Yesterday was kind of a blur, but I did manage to get my (somewhat cheesy, I'll admit) photoshop assignment done by quarter past twelve. That's my mom, and her parents, magically hanging out on the beach I visited in the Dominican in January:

Tonight is my first free evening in I can't even remember how long, and I'm looking forward to sifting through the stack of newspapers that have accumulated over the past week and a half and generally taking it very easy. I mostly only read the entertainment, travel and lifestyle sections, although I have been glancing through the careers lately as well.

Reading though a few of my entries here from a year ago, I realized just how far I have come and have paused to give myself some credit. I have put a lot of positive changes into place, and I feel like my life is flowing with much more joy, ease and grace these days. That dragon called depression has sulked back to his cave, and I don't predict his return anytime soon. In fact, I've cemented in the boulder blocking the entrance, so just let him try!

Freitag, Juni 09, 2006

fun with the alphabet

Accent: Since most of my customers are American, I do get called on my Canadian accent when I use words like ‘about’. One of the best compliments for me is when people tell me I have no accent when speaking German.

Booze: Yes, please! I had to acquire a taste for both beer and wine, but my love for Vodka (tall, with soda, cran and a lime wedge) came to me naturally.

Chore I Hate: Hate is a very strong word now, isn’t it? I dislike vacuuming. I hope to have mostly hardwood floors if I ever have a house, as I much prefer cleaning those (in fact, I have a rather abnormal fondness for it, just ask my sis)

Dogs/Cats: both. I recently ‘got over’ a cat allergy, actually. I was getting more and more house sits with felines, so I had no choice. Antihistamines make me loopy. Mind over matter!

Essential electronics: Besides the brand spankin’ new PDA I received as a b-day gift? (I know I’m spoiled). I think once my music is uploaded onto it, I’ll be all set!

Favorite perfume/cologne: After sampling several thousand different ones every time I go through a drug store, I finally broke down and purchased a set of mini Alfred Sung ones: Shi (blue & purple), Jewel and Sung.

Gold/Silver: Definitely Silver. Or platinum. Or white gold. As long as there is a honkin’ diamond attached. Just kidding.

Hometown: I would consider t to be Calgary… Spent age 5-18 here, and 27-now (excluding a little shy of a blissful year spent in the Yoho Valley)

Insomnia: not very frequently

Job Title: which one? I like ‘housesitter extrordinaire’ , but I’m also an account executive and a catering server/bartender

Kids: someday… tick tick tick (hey, can you hear that?)

Living Arrangements: this is an interesting one! I’ve had 9 different sits this year so far. I’m like a turtle/gypsy, transporting most of my stuff from place to place in my car, Jules. Officially, I rent my sister’s basement suite, but am rarely to never there.

Most Admired Trait: people comment that I am genuine and kind hearted.

Overnight Hospital Stays: nope

Phobias: deep water that I can’t see the bottom of. Boats.

Quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the World” -Gandhi

Religion: I go to the Center for Positive Living

Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sistas. Brothers are both in Ontario, my sisters are here.

Time I usually wake up: lately just before 7.

Unusual talent: tying cherry stems in knots with my teeth and many more

Vegetable I refuse to eat: can’t think of any!

Worst habit: procrastination. It took me 4 days to write this!

X-rays: for my teeth a couple of times. Try to avoid ‘em.

Yummy foods I make: I make a mean guacamole!

Zodiac Sign: Twins. And I’m Wood Tiger