Mittwoch, April 20, 2005

the answer to #1 is gonna have to wait...


Here's the question, in case anyone else would like to ponder it:

1. Your Fairy Love Goddess graces you with a magical swat on the rump with the Little Red Riding Crop and you suddenly have one singularly exquisite talent.
Choose from the following:

You develop a set of pipes that elevate you to SupremeHot Chik of all Hot Diva Chiks.

You write a novel that makes James Joyce crawl from the grave to bow at your feet.

You become the greatest thing to happen to the dance world since Michael Flatley.

You create physical works of art that set all the hottest galleries in an all-outbiting-scratching-hair-pulling war over you.

You grace the stage with stirring dramatic performances that leave devoted audiences breathless with each and every flawless locution.

Which talent do you choose and why?

See y'all in May

Stay Sassy

# 3 & # 2

3. Every woman has a piece of jewelry that doesn’t have a high market value, but it’s priceless to her. What piece of jewelry is yours? Why?

I don’t really have a whole lot of jewelry, period. I bought myself some diamond stud earrings for my birthday the year I left my husband- I almost always have them in. The piece that means the most to me is a silver ring with a little green stone, which my friend Sylvia gave me. Sylvia and I met in Turkish class my second year in Germany. I had gone to a special 3D ultrasound with her one fine spring day, and it was the day we found out what sex her twins would be. To celebrate we went shopping, and I bought her a ring that was almost identical. She then surprised me by giving me her ring. I have often put it on when I feel I’m going to have a challenging day, in some way to channel her energy and strength. She is one of the most courageous women I have ever known, raising those babies so well all on her own. I feel sad that I have lost touch with her and so many other friends I made while I was living in Germany. But we’ll always have a connection in our hearts, and I have her ring to wear on tough days.

2. Describe yourself using one word for each letter of the alphabet.

A Adventurous B Brilliant C Crazy (*actual nickname*) D Desirable E Emotional F Frank G Gorgeous H HumorousI Intelligent J Jealous (sometimes) K Kinky L Loving M Motherly N Notorious O Open P Photogenic Q Quirky R Romantic S Sassy T Trouble U Unique V Voluptuous W Wonderful X X-Rated Y Young at heart Z Zealous

Montag, April 18, 2005


4. A physically unattractive man approaches you with a proposition ... I know, eye-of-the-beholder, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da ... Needless to say, you're certain he lost a fight (face-first) with his lawn tractor. He offers you $500 per day for 7 days to pose as hisgirlfriend. There’s no hanky-panky and no kissing. All you have to do is go out with him, hold his hand in front of a few people he knows, and try to make it look realistic. Would you do it? Why? Why not?

The answer to this is very simple. You should be able to tell by my second-to-last post that my world is currently being rocked by one chivalrous Prince. There would simply be NO TIME (and no desire) to pretend to be someone else’s girl. And how sad of him to have to pay someone (although that is quite a big chunk of change)… Nope, wouldn’t do it. Even if I was single.

Sonntag, April 17, 2005

Interview Question #5

I'm gonna do it backwards, 'cause that's the way I read newspapers & magazines too. And cause it's my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want. Heh.

5. You’ve won your fantasy vacation (all expenses paid), but you only have 15 minutes to pack and call a friend to water the plants and feed the cat while you’re gone. What are the absolute necessities that MUST go with you? You only have time to pack 20 items before the limo comes to take you to the airport,
HURRY!!! ……………… (btw, where are you going? And, do they have lots of hotties there?)

20 things I'd take with me on vacation if I only had 15 minutes to pack
1. clothes
2. underclothes
3. shoes
4. toiletries
a) cosmetics
b) shower stuff
c) sunblock
d) everything else
5. camera & film
6. music
7. player for said music
8. reading materials
9. address book
10. dear diary
11. writing/drawing utensils
12. hat
13. If there's room, rollerblades
14. money, passport
15. condoms
16. jacket
17. keys
18. sunglasses
19. vitamins
20. trusty water bottle
... and I'm out the door!!

I have gotten awfully good at packing over the years. I used to have nightmares before trips that I had overslept, forgotten to pack, and was in a mad dash out the door, stuffing my suitcase as I went. Now I have what I need in my head and *try* to be a little more organized about things. Hey, this list will come in handy as I madly pack my bag Wednesday night... (hee hee).
I'm going to the Island with 23 other girls to take a surfing lesson, visit my girl, and RELAX.

Oh, and where would I be going on this fantasy vacation? To Greece, to explore the islands and feed my very own personal hottie peeled grapes in my toga.

Samstag, April 16, 2005

*my heart just did cartwheels*

There isn't any formula or method. You learn to love by loving- by paying attention and doing what one thereby discovers has to be done. -Aldous Huxley

blog it forward

I got the idea from Raspberry and Mike , two of the first bloggers I came to know in person at the very beginning (I might venture to say 'conception') of my blogging existance.

I was on a trip to Vancouver with my friend S and his friend R.
The former I met on my first journey into the whole *gasp* online dating jungle, and the former encouraged the latter to start one of his own. As he did Megan, a very talented young lady who happened to be in Rome when the Pope died the week before last. Also, the author of a online/offline column in our city's newspaper.

So (enough beating around the bush here), the idea is: present three people who you link to, and why.

Well, there's Shan, also a blogger I know 'for real', in fact we took in a photography exhibition a few weeks ago together.

And ValancyJane, who inspires me on a daily basis with her quirky outlook on life.

Theresa and Lu just plain kick ass. As I was going over there to snag the URL, I noticed that I have been posed some most interesting interview questions. I have homework to do this weekend, kiddies!

Hmmm that's three already. But there are so many more!

Miss Fee , I believe it's the furthest away, geologically. Aberdeen's resident lesbo lovin' Britney crushin gal pal. She's a riot.

As is Green Fairy , on the other side of the pond. Pretty sure she's straight. ;)

Melodee is an amazing Pastors wife with 4 kids. And this woman has me laughing my ass off, out loud, all the time.

Whew! Well, now you know some of my regulars. I think that's quite enough for now, should keep you busy for awhile. Feel free to share yours.

Donnerstag, April 14, 2005

Thanks, Geza (who sent me this)


across the seas and sands of time

Ive met alot of friends of mine

and as the the tides ebe and flow

Ive had to watch them come and go

when sorrow felt from days gone by

Im lightened when I close my eyes

and feel the light within my heart

its beauty fuels all new starts


Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.

You show the world what culture really is.

Montag, April 11, 2005

damn I'm good

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Tapas Time!

Here I sit (does one sit, really, on one of these inflatable rubber balls? It's more like a bouncing/rolling motion). Depending on the music that's currently playing, that is.

Well, my first stop on this my very first unadulturated maiden voyage this year through this thing we call the web was a reggae radio station I really recommend it, btw...

But now I'm hearing the thump of Missy through from the main floor, as I abandoned my dinner plans in haste as inspiration had finally struck me.

Stay tuned as the best house sitting gig ever continues...

Freitag, April 08, 2005

New Links on a Friday

It’s time for some new linkage action!

As I browse through different blogs, I write down the ones that catch my attention, and that I want to go back to when I have more time.
It’s so interesting to have a glimpse into other people’s lives, and be inspired and moved in some way.

Please check the sidebar for some newcomers (under ‘a few more’).

Dienstag, April 05, 2005

Hothouse at Sass's

Thanks to all of you who attended my party, virtually and in person.
A big shout out to the djs (you guys rock my world!)
I’d say it was a success- about 70 people passed through my door over the course of the day and night.
10 bottles of wine and various spirits were left behind.
14 empty cases of beer await a trip to the recycling depot.
The broom had to be screwed back together from limboing before we could sweep the floor.
I’m a tired but a happy camper.
And my house has been warmed.

Freitag, April 01, 2005

Let the Party Begin!

And last a lifetime

there's no rain
no sorrow
only sunshine

let it shine in!
warm our hearts
heal our bodies
our spirits soar

join the dance
live the life
it is a gift

and so are you

I'm a fool for April

It's my "I don't live in the basement anymore" party!!

Actual excerpt from an email I sent around the office today:

"Happy April Everyone!

I'd like to propose a toast...

To our awesome sales this past month!
To the event that spring has sprung!

To... dare I say it?
The Love that is in the air!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone to come and celebrate all of the above at my housewarming party tomorrow.

I would also like to propose that we properly dispose of the pile of Big Rock product that is in the kitchen before it expires... I have the kind permission of Miss D to purchase it at a steal of a deal, and invite those of you who wish to contribute to the fund (any amount is greatly appreciated):

I will gladly take care of the transport and chillage.

The festivities will take place between 2 pm and 2 am at my new above ground abode at:


Feel free to bring something to bbq, I will have the marshmallows for the fire pit

I really wanted to have a virtual housewarming party as well, and invite all of my blogging friends to stop by and say hello, but I don't have the internet set up at home yet.

If you happen to stop by, please do leave a comment. If you live in cowtown, do send me an email & I'll tell you the address! Anyone of course is welcome to make a donation to the beer fund!!!

I will, however, endeavor to take some pics and post them early next week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!