Donnerstag, April 26, 2007

A wink and a smile

It's kind of strange to have our news 'half' out there. My Love's parents spend their winters down south in their motorhome, so we haven't yet had the opportunity to share their Grandparents-to-be status with them. I was greeted with the question "Sunday Lunch or Dinner?" upon my return home this evening as he propped the garage door open with one foot. "Dinner" I replied and gathered my various bags together which were strewn all over the front seat of the car. Ginger everything-I-could-find at the health food store- snaps, jam, ale. Plus my extra vitamins and oh so fashionable anti-nausea wristbands in dark grey. Also in tow, a bag full of clothing for the exchange on Saturday, a donation from a coworker.

Yes, another gathering of the Goddesses, and not a moment too soon. Need to send out an addendum to the invite "maternity clothes welcome". How my mom gigggled as she realized how futile it had been to mend my clothes, seeing as they won't be fitting me in a couple of months.

Progress on the Wedding front: a font and a willing (and so able) invitation designer at my disposal, a colour scheme chosen (periwinkle & navy blue), and phone calls put in to the caterer & photographer. We'll pull this all together, with style and grace. And a little life hiding under the empire waist.

Mittwoch, April 25, 2007

announcement announcement annOUNCEment!!

This is just too much good news for me to contain any longer. I have to share it with you, IIFs.

Sass is going to be a Mama!


I'm getting married too... SOON! 07/07/07

If you're interested in following the progress of the pregnancy, I have created a new blog for my baby here

Pure joy bliss and happiness all around.

Now to find a dress...

Montag, April 16, 2007

I'm in the mood

Your Mood Ring is Dark Red

Very happy

Peanut Butter Level 2

I don't know what my problem with Monday is. Or maybe it's Monday that has a problem with me.
Luckily, tomorrow is my Friday as I am in a course for the remainder of the week.
Divine timing is what I call that.
It is part 2 of a course I started last year.

The major descriptor I have heard again and again from past participants has been "intense".
Hey, I feel ready for it, why not?

You might not hear from me for while.
I'll just be over here, processing.

Freitag, April 13, 2007


I wonder how many calories I burned on my two hour (uphill) walk home yesterday?
I wonder why my nose bled twice today?
I wonder if we'll be able to figure out the new Mac we're getting next week (having always been PC people)
I wonder how many Goddesses are going to sign up for the spa party night?
I wonder how much of a refund I'm going to get on my taxes?
I wonder how my course is going to go next week and how much work I'll have to catch up on the week after?
I wonder why my period is three days late?
I wonder if I'll pass the motorcycle test this time?
I wonder what size of pants I'll be able to get into by track day?
I wonder if I'll be proposed to anytime soon?
I wonder why I care so much?

Wow. Now that's some food for thought.
Guten Appetit my sweet.

Mittwoch, April 11, 2007


Shades Take 2
Originally uploaded by ssygrl.

Your wish is my command, Sassy one!

Montag, April 09, 2007

Banff Riverside Sunshine

Banff Riverside Sunshine
Originally uploaded by ssygrl.

It's funny, you can't put a 'favourite' designation on your own photos in Flickr. I love this shot, and I loved this day, beginning to end.

Quite the adventure was had, with icy/slushy Canyons hiked, furry friends made and blossoming love ever growing, sprouting its green head through the quickly melting snowbanks.

Ah, love. And spring. And brand new sunglasses with which to peer out at the bright bright world.

Donnerstag, April 05, 2007

Spring Clean

I have found myself glued to the computer tonight, as my poor love sleeps off the whiff he got of my bad influence earlier...

I'm making good use of my time, browsing the addictiveness that is Facebook

Uploading a ton of cute pics of my Nephews while going through my "linked by blog" folder when I decided that I'm loooong overdue for a little spring cleaning around here.

Of course I'm too lazy (and sleepy) at this point to actually *add* these links to my sidebar just yet, but here is my update so far for your reading pleasure:

1. Over at Tucova's , an American woman living in the Czech Republic captivates me with her writing style

2. I really need to finally fix Brea #1's link:

3. I find a *New* Brea to add, may I introduce Brea (#2)

4. I plan to de-lurk on one I always read from B#1's links: Desperate Sarah

6. I remember to finally add one of the other Sassy Girls out there I have been lucky enough to stumble upon

7. I have to add an old fave, Dick & Chick

8. and a legend, for good measure

9. and one I believe will *become* a legend, Stella

Thank you ALL for inspiring me so much!

from Inspiration Peak to you

"There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life - happiness, freedom and peace of mind - are always attained by giving them to someone else."

Peyton Conway March, 1864-1955
American Soldier

W E A R E L O V E M A C H I N E S .

Dienstag, April 03, 2007

my thoughts on Love

In response to an e-mail from a girlfriend yesterday, describing her anxieties about meeting up with and hopefully re-igniting an old flame "Love is super scary, hey? Yikes.":

"I believe it is a choice you make, like anything in life. You can approach the situation with Love or Fear. My advice would be to let go of any expectation. Just let things happen & unfold the way that the Universe wants them to. Think only positive, happy, joyful thoughts about your reunion and progression of your relationship with him. Love shouldn't have to be scary, or difficult. Your attitude towards it will greatly influence the outcome."

Sometimes I feel like I sound like a fortune cookie.