Mittwoch, Februar 28, 2007

the truth

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I'm a pearl on a leaf

It's been a blur of hospital walls and the slick road home for the past week. The Mama's surgery is done, and she is taking the first baby steps towards recovery. Seeing as she may be released today, I have stayed home this morning to prepare for her arrival. It is my mission (and I have chosen to accept it) to house and care for her for the next little while.

The biggest challenge, I suspect, will be to keep her occupied and prevent her from doing any activity that is going to strain her. That's a tall order for a woman who is bored sitting still for any amount of time. I bought the biggest crossword puzzle book I could find and have recorded a bunch of shows for her to watch... but I have the feeling they'll both get old really quick. Ideas, anyone?

Montag, Februar 19, 2007

unmentionable mentionables

I'm struggling, iifs.

I'm struggling with telling you stuff, opening up, letting out my innermost thoughts and secrets.

I don't know what I'm afraid will happen.

I mean, what do you care if I tell you I took a two hour lunch break and had two raspberry stolis and sodas with a girlfriend whose life has been recently turned upside down?

Who are you going to tell if I let it slip that my good friend the treat provider finally returned my call after a month and a half to let me know he has left the province, but was so kind as to leave the number for a replacement?

That the gift I gave my love to celebrate our 10 months of blessed togetherness was actually recycled from my Christmas stocking of two years ago? (Plus a genuine list of top 10 things I love about him).

That the 19 dollars left in my bank account before I went and withdrew another 50 to pay for our alchohol-laden lunch are all I had left?


I feel curiously better now. Thank you, that is all.

Donnerstag, Februar 15, 2007

HNT Puppy Love

Abby Sass
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Mom's border collie, Abby is getting older. She still plays around with her little 'sister', Phyllis (a toy poodle) occasionally though. She gives good hugs, too!

Mittwoch, Februar 14, 2007

Love Day

Might be the best ever...

Got some anonymous Valentines from office mates today, my fav:

Sweet & Sassy

Fun & Nice

Happy & Caring

Warm & Slightly crazy!

Yeah, I'd say that pretty much describes me.

Oh, and these (cause I'm spoiled rotten):

Baby, YOU'RE the best thing that has ever happened to ME, and I fall more in love with YOU each day.

/end gush

Happy Love Day, everyone!

Make it last all year.

Dienstag, Februar 13, 2007

Everything/Alles was ist

Alternate title:

A Princess needs a Throne (but not a Tiara)
Like a Dog needs a Bone
~I need your love~

***A Valentine's Tribute to the Force that Moves Me***

Love is never fearful or scared
The quickening hearbeat exclusively due to the sweet anticipation of
a kiss
a glance
oh! an embrace

Love IS
It breathes
It flows
It is sheer joy
Pure Soul.

It's baking sheets
and coloured jars

It's shiny beautiful matching rides

It's high
It's low

It's that soft place to land
It always follows through

It's folding
It's teasing
It's both being a player
and being played

It's strong and it's tough
Made of indestructable stuff

It's Right and It's Hot
it softens the jaw

It's Bubbles and Waves
The Cycle of the Moon
Stars of course Stars

It's Freedom and Safety
rolled into One
Comfort, Wisdom and Grace


It's giving and giving and giving some more
Whilst your cup overflows with continuous joy

In the wee small hours
I know that It's there

When Fingers get chopped
And the Well it runs dry
When the bumps and lumps of life's journey
Leave you downtrodden,
thirsty, disheveled or bruised

Love wraps you up and guides you through

Yes, Love is the Force that moves me
Share! Shine! Glow!

And I realize it's for her

Love is all around me.

There are two framed black and white pictures positioned on either side of my desk, one of each set of Grandparents. Oma Elisabeth and Opa A perched on the front bumper of a shiny VW Bettle, she with humid bangs curling up on her forehead, smiling shyly as he grins adoringly, and leans closer on my right.

George and Peggy B on the left, sitting back on the rocks. She leaning back onto him with her Rockette legs crossed daintily and the *perfect* pair of shoes on.

I realize fully that with her, I've lost the last remaining Grandparent.

So I bring the recently recovered, recently donated (by my love's gracious Ma & Pa) antique chair into my lair, and the poem begins...

Montag, Februar 12, 2007

sass at 22

sass at 22
Originally uploaded by ssygrl.

This is the photo that I brought my hairdresser early on Sat morning.

"I've decided to go back to my natural colour" I proclaim.

He shows me this shade of brown and I shake my head side to side. "But I've NEVER been a brunette!" I protest.

So he threw in some blonde to the mix and I ended up quite...



Sonntag, Februar 04, 2007

Watch out, here she comes!

I flip over the 'bad cat' calendar that we have pinned up next to the computer (oh, how I *love* doing that!) and find a picture of a kitty with huge heart shaped sunglasses and a pink Feather boa on with the caption

"I used to be a bit of an introvert, but I got over it"

and I smile to myself, as this is so appropriate for this moment.

I've just come home from a workshop and a quick visit with the fam to collect my little plant slips that have been living on my sister's window sill since I moved out in October. Wow, it's been five months already, how it does fly by when life is so blissful.

The workshop was put on by Aman, the man behind the yes, you can change the world website and book, and my mind is busy processing the information I learned and thinking of how I will apply it to my daily life.

I embarked on this spiritual quest quite early on, dabbling in all kinds of positive thinking books, groups and activities. Meditation has become more and more of a regular part of my routine, especialy now that I have my very own space to practice.

The different cleanses I have done are also a part of the journey, a 'purification' of sorts of body as well as mind. It is all connected (as is the state of my room) to how balanced and at peace I feel with the world and my surroundings.

One of the messages of today that has stuck with me is the idea of being "authentically optimistic" as opposed to simply thinking positively. Being absolutely authentic, true to yourself, embracing your weaknesses while your strengths naturally grow and shine. This insight struck a chord in me and has led to some rather deep soul searching since leaving the centre this afternoon.

I seem to do the best enlightened navel gazing whilst lounging in my comfy clothes (in this case a sports bra, my fuzzy v-neck sweater, fleece pj pants and my brand new faux-lambswool flip flops), drinking gin & juice, munching on jelly bellies and listening to internet radio. Giving myself permission to just BE, and just be ME.

The fish awaits a-fryin', the pictures await a-framin', my love will await his back scratchin' but not now. Now is time be alone and peaceful with my thoughts, my dreams and my own bad *newly discovered* extroverted self.

Bring it OUT!

Donnerstag, Februar 01, 2007

HNT Pampered

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The latest Goddess party was a total success.... we may have to make it an annual- no, make that semi-annual event. The fact that we don't have that much furniture in the house made it much easier for the spa ladies to set up the 9 stations for manicures, pedicures, facials and hot stone treatments. HIGHLY recommended to melt away stress. Ahhhhh. Bliss.