Donnerstag, Juli 09, 2009

pains in the neck

... is what I have been experiencing, non-stop, for the past twelve days. Twelve very long days and nights, spent trying to find some kind of solution to just make it go away!!

Since I work in a Wholistic clinic, it is my extremely good fortune to work alongside very many talented practitioners... whom we are encouraged to trade services with so as to ourselves fully understand what it is we have on offer and be able to recommend our colleagues to our clients. And so on.

So far, my attempts to dislodge the icepick to my right posterior side of my head have included everything from hot/cold hydrotherapy (screaming hot to freezing and back again in the shower, loads of fun), self lymph drainage, multiple massage & chiropractic visits, homeopathic and regular pain relievers, you name it, I've given it a whirl.

Tomorrow marks the fourth visit to the Chiro and first one to the Physio, who so kindly helped out with my sciatic nerve during pregnancy and plantar fasciitis afterward. I have high high hopes, as I don't know how much longer I can deal here and I've already decided that the CT scan that my Doctor ordered for Monday won't show a thing.

It may just be all in my head... in which case the two Cranal Sacral sessions I have booked will come in very handy indeed.

Gotta have all my bases covered here.

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