Freitag, Mai 19, 2006


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K, so I'm still figuring out this whole how-it-works thing.

In this particular case, I mean the love #2 which came to me in the form of a 'lil blue apple with a bite out of the top on top...

I was in the middle of writing this big long piece about what I *had* been able to assess so far (is that word meant to have an 'ass' in it?) and now it's gone *poof* and there's no 'retrieve post' button. I've had to post from Flickr, you see, cause I haven't gotten to where it is you can delete the cookies thing yet. Yeah.

It's truly learning-by-doing, and altough I have the 'bible' (missing manual) book for this here thing, I'm slowly putting the pieces together, I think I learn best by stumbling my way through it myself. Just as in life, I suppose.

A mirror is a strong metaphor for the metamorphisis that has been transpiring in my life lately. I'm feeling stronger and clearer than ever before about my dreams and what exactly it's going to take to bring them to life. I am removing the blocks that have been littering the path, one by one, and I am realizing the shifts that are taking place are not to be resisted, because that gut of mine? She knows exactly what's best.

Once the obstacles have been swept to the side, the path becomes much easier to navigate, and those holes you used to fall in (and stones you used to trip over) are suddenly gone. Smooth sailing on the SS Sassafrass... All aboard who's coming aboard!

It's gonna be a fun ride.

*even the walls match, did you notice??*

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