Mittwoch, Mai 31, 2006

The Goddesses Gathered

for the second time, at the lovely home/studio of Goddess Siren (just a placeholder name till we get the ‘real’ one figured out). I approached the entrance, arms laden with a silver tray with vast amounts of cut vegetables, as well as freshly made rhubarb crumble and a change of clothes. She was down on her hands and knees, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, a mischievous grin on her face:

We proceeded to get ourselves and the space ready, and then the Goddesses started to arrive, one by one. Goddess Kami was first, toting the beats in her bag, then Goddess Carettacaretta (who later vowed to be a part of *every* gathering from then on). In all we had about a dozen ravishing beauties occupy the room, wandering in and out to add their handiwork to the art growing outside:

It was an interesting mix of ages, cultures and backgrounds, and we had a lively discussion about what it meant to each of us to embody and express our ‘Goddessness’ and female power. I felt a deep connection happening, a union between us as we laughed and shared our stories over the lavender chamomile ginger punch (a heavenly concoction brewed by the hostess herself).

I’m almost convinced it was a love potion:

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