Donnerstag, Januar 11, 2007

The Original Goddess

It has been really difficult for me to write lately. On Monday night, we found out that my mom has been diagnosed with Cancer. There are so many feelings hitting me now- shock, anger, fear, disbelief and back again. But still there is the deep knowing that she is a strong, positive being and she will get through this.
She is currently on a trip to Vegas that was planned with her friend for their birthdays (hers is today, Happy Bday, Mom!) before she got the diagnosis. She decided to go anyway, and as soon as my sister and I received the news our first thoughts were 'we have to go down there too'. So we're booked on a flight tomorrow night and we are going to surprise her! (Luckily she doesn't know about this blog, or what a blog is for that matter, so I'm pretty safe sharing my secret with you, IIFs).

Please send your most positive thoughts for a sucessful treatment and speedy recovery for her. Thank you.


brea hat gesagt…

:( Sorry to hear about your mom... fab idea going to surprise her though!

k hat gesagt…

sorry to hear about that.
I know she'll be fine :)
She has you :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

have fun with the surprise! and positive thoughts and mojo to your mom :)

SG hat gesagt…

Thank you my ladies east and west :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

hugs and positive thoughts to you and your family :o)

Omni hat gesagt…

My mother was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, so I know what you're going through; I wish strength to you and a full recovery to your mom!! xoxoxo