Sonntag, September 09, 2007

Autumn is upon us

Most of the leaves on the trees on my street have turned yellow. It's only 'my' street for another week, and then we'll be living on our new street, for what I think will be a very long time indeed. It's interesting to be actually setting down these roots, and feeling so good and so natural about it. At first the task of finding our dream home seemed like a daunting one, but things have flowed (as I knew deep down that they would) and after seeing about a dozen the decision was rather easy.

Tomorrow the Goddesses will gather in the mostly empty dwelling. I will burn some sweetgrass to clear the energy of the previous family and we will give a blessing for our new life beginning there. A lot of newness happening this year: marriage, homeownership and parenthood all thrust upon us in this breathtakingly exciting and short time. I have often been feeling the need to take a moment to take it all in, absorb the changes and roll with them. These are all things that we both desired, in our lives, with each other, and yet we had no idea it would all happen so quickly and all at once.

So rolling with it we are, as we watch my belly grow (99 days to go!) and it all becomes more real and tangible.

The house, our home. Us together, a family. I am so incredibly blessed.


Sassy One hat gesagt…

Hope the move went well!

SG hat gesagt…

Thanks, it did! Actually, we're not *completely* done yet, still have a few things left to bring over (including my motorcycle!) and then clean before handing the keys back. Then, the joys of UNpacking...