Mittwoch, September 26, 2007

Hello from my Heart

I just found out about this organization, and the fact that the Reverand at my church (and the very woman who married me & my husband) is guiding a global meditation & discussing world peace tonight on a Teleconference.
Here is the Shared Intention Agreement for this 30 Days of Peace program:
I AM Peace, Love, Wisdom and Compassion.
I smile in gratitude toward the divinity in all life
Just click on the image above if you'd like more information.
Peace & Love Abound!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey Sandra,
I saw the picture of you and Mano in the paper last weekend - very nice - you look great! Pregnancy is agreeing with you :) Maria

SG hat gesagt…

Thanks, Maria! :) Yeah, it's fun being famous for a day!

Nice to see you're still doing some lurking here ;)