Freitag, November 16, 2007

Christmas came early

We have our company 'holiday' party tonight and returned from a meeting this morning at the local movie theater (the only place nearby that is big enough to hold all of us) to find that gifts had been placed on each of our desks... a t-shirt and book and a NANO!!! :) :) :)

I love my job and I am so going to miss this place (I begin my maternity leave at 3 pm)...

Plus, right in the middle of the meeting, I received the best text message ever from my soul brother, Tony:

"Love...Bliss...Spirit...Freedom...Play!!! Some words to live by... even just for today... I double dog dare You!!!!!"

Today and every day, Tony.

How did he know?


Osbasso hat gesagt…

I drop by after being away for awhile, and MY, haven't YOU been busy?!?! Congrats on all phases, and best of luck in the next few weeks!

missfee hat gesagt…

woah, you got a nano from your work?! well jeal!

how's things with you? x