Montag, November 12, 2007

35 days

... is all that's left on the baby counter! Unbelievable.

This is my last week of work (also unbelievable) and I'm starting to feel panicked that I won't get it all done. I may as well accept it now, I WON'T get it all done, and that's ok. Exhale.

Still busy in the non-work hours with relatives visiting from my Dad's side and baby preparations. The doula is coming by tonight to go through labour positions. etc with us and I have this nagging feeling that I should probably get my bag for the hospital packed... just in case.

I'd like a few weeks to get organized and 'nested', still LOTS left on the 'to do' list. LOTS.

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Sassy One hat gesagt…

Time has gone by sooo quick!!