Samstag, Mai 24, 2008

501st Post... 1st day of the rest of my life

Birthday Horoscope:

May 24, 2008 -- How do you turn dreams into realities? By believing in them with all your heart. Whatever it is you are passionate about that is what will come alive for you over the next 12 months. The line between wanting and getting has never been narrower.

*** ... watch that space! I do feel as if my dreams are coming alive.

And that everyone should have a caramel filled chocolate dipped churros on their birthday.

The beginning

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Astrid in Kanada hat gesagt…

Hi Sweetie,
Sorry, between me going back to work and having to do all this stuff at home, I forgot to send you my Birthday wishes. Hope you had a great day. You are in Spain, aren't you?
Let me know how your trip went.