Freitag, August 15, 2008

where oh where has my sassy gone?

"Sassness" ... I seem to have lost you, temporarily.

I think it was somewhere between the piles of unfiled paperwork in my (hah) meditation room... or did it fly out the window one night that I was up for a 3 O'clock feeding?

I do know that when I don't take the time to care for the Sass Monster with the proper love, attention and watering that it does tend to wilt a little.

Poor, neglected, Sassiness. How can I rectify this and bring you back into my life, where you belong?

Let's take a few deep breaths. Step back and have a birds-eye view of the situation.

It's not gone for good, the Sassafrass. It is a more delicate creature than you'd think, taking a quick look. Under the strong, solid surface are quivering butterflies awaiting their release.

Shhh shhh now, reach out your hand oh so delicately. Here she is, coming in for a landing.

Coming home.

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