Donnerstag, Oktober 09, 2008

Things are looking up

Someone asked me to teach a pole dancing class to a bunch of bachlorettes today on Facebook.
Odd, since I don't teach pole dancing.

I have, however, taken a class in pole dancing, put on by The Goddesses of Calgary, about 2 1/2 years ago. It was SO much fun... after the pole wouldn't fit in the party room, the instructor had no choice but to set up inside dear Goddess (and Hostess that evening) Firecracker's apartment. Thank goodness the cage with the reptile was gone by that point! ~long story~

It was a big turnout, as I remember, and almost twenty or so Goddesses old and new all joined in in the fun. Awkward and shy at the beginning, we each let go and trusted each other a little more after practicing the moves in turn. By the end I would say all inhibitions were gonzo and we were laughing our asses off.

... So that's what has been missing, I finally surmised. Time with my lady friends.
Or Goddesses, as we like to call one another.

So I'm happily looking forward to the next two gatherings in the next few weeks... a clothing exchange and a make-over night. Whoppeee!

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