Mittwoch, Mai 25, 2005

Good Hump Day to You

The day after my birthday always feels a little like Boxing Day. Recovering from certain overindulgences, always a little let down after the anticipation leading up to the Big Day. But since my party is on Saturday, I have even more to look forward to before this whole birthday thing is over for this year. Plus, I had an absolutely wonderful day with my mommy dearest showing up to take me out for lunch AND bring a deliciously sinful chocolate cake, as well as a beautiful bouquet of flowers being delivered to my desk. A tied soccer game and a perfectly prepared cheesy omelet completed the day.

Wednesdays have always been all right, in my books. Over the hump and slide tackling towards the weekend. I have an acupuncture appointment later on (yet another attempt to quell the allergic reactions which have plagued me over the past few weeks). And then a quiet hour or two with a new book? Unless my roommate returns home from her long weekend camping extravaganza. Then we’ll be having us some wine drinkin’ leg waxin’ catching up to do.

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