Montag, Mai 30, 2005

partee in the garden, yo!

e-vite is such a fun way to plan a party. People write their RSVPs, and everyone else can read them. I had one friend call me to say she recognized a name on the list and was that the same girl who stayed with her cousins in Australia last year? Why yes, it is! Small world.
I had a fairly successful shopping trip Friday night in preparation for Saturday’s events. My favorite item was a stack of paper plates that all looked like heads different animals. There were monkeys, lions, pandas, elephants, …And I had a couple of angels come to my rescue as I was quickly running out of time (and patience) Sat morning- they returned all the empty bottles and came back with all of the things on the shopping list I had forgotten. And then some! We have enough s’more making materials to last us till Summer 2007!! Another fun thing about e-vite is that you can suggest to people what to bring. Since my party had a garden theme, I put all things garden related on it (sprinkler, hose, shears, birdhouse, fertilizer, supersoaker). My sister signed up to bring the Hoe (of course), and I got all kinds of little plants and seeds, as well as some very cute gardening gloves. Which I promptly put to good use on Sunday to start digging. No, my garden had not yet been dug. That’s this week’s after work project. Until it rains, then we’re having mud wrestling competitions.

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Stephen hat gesagt…

I like evite too because you can see who else is going to the event and read the comments. It is easier for the person planning and nicer for those going.