Freitag, Juni 02, 2006

Positively GOOD

We’re working on this currently in my positive thinking class. Since I neglect doing my homework most weeks, I thought I might combine it with posting and kill two birds…oops, bad use of idiom as I’m currently looking after one sweet little tweety.

Anyhoo, it’s about making a shift in consciousness about your current state.
My thighs hurt, but it’s a good thing cause it means my muscles are a formin’ (helps playing goalie two weeks in a row, and we’re 2 for 2!)
My butt hurts, but that’s a good thing because it means I’m using the bike and gettin’ fit.
I’m using the bike cause Jules had to make another trip to visit her buddy Al the mechanic, but that’s ultimately good cause then she’ll be in great shape for any upcoming road trips.
Road trips are good, period.
I’m tired but its good cause it means my days and nights are full of busy goodness.

See? Good wins every time.

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