Freitag, April 13, 2007


I wonder how many calories I burned on my two hour (uphill) walk home yesterday?
I wonder why my nose bled twice today?
I wonder if we'll be able to figure out the new Mac we're getting next week (having always been PC people)
I wonder how many Goddesses are going to sign up for the spa party night?
I wonder how much of a refund I'm going to get on my taxes?
I wonder how my course is going to go next week and how much work I'll have to catch up on the week after?
I wonder why my period is three days late?
I wonder if I'll pass the motorcycle test this time?
I wonder what size of pants I'll be able to get into by track day?
I wonder if I'll be proposed to anytime soon?
I wonder why I care so much?

Wow. Now that's some food for thought.
Guten Appetit my sweet.

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