Montag, April 16, 2007

Peanut Butter Level 2

I don't know what my problem with Monday is. Or maybe it's Monday that has a problem with me.
Luckily, tomorrow is my Friday as I am in a course for the remainder of the week.
Divine timing is what I call that.
It is part 2 of a course I started last year.

The major descriptor I have heard again and again from past participants has been "intense".
Hey, I feel ready for it, why not?

You might not hear from me for while.
I'll just be over here, processing.


Sassy One hat gesagt…

I wish today was my Friday..but alas I still have a few more days to go.
Enjoy your course.

SG hat gesagt…

Thanks! I'm sure I will.

For some reason, today feels like Monday *again*! Oh well, I get to skip next Monday all together (took an extra day off to 'recover').

Hope your week goes quickly!

Brea hat gesagt…

Mondays hated me too until I decided to make it my day off. Hope you enjoyed your course.

SG hat gesagt…

The course was *amazing*... thanks!

I ended up taking an extra day off yesterday, so I feel I can totally deal with a three day work week now. :)