Donnerstag, April 05, 2007

Spring Clean

I have found myself glued to the computer tonight, as my poor love sleeps off the whiff he got of my bad influence earlier...

I'm making good use of my time, browsing the addictiveness that is Facebook

Uploading a ton of cute pics of my Nephews while going through my "linked by blog" folder when I decided that I'm loooong overdue for a little spring cleaning around here.

Of course I'm too lazy (and sleepy) at this point to actually *add* these links to my sidebar just yet, but here is my update so far for your reading pleasure:

1. Over at Tucova's , an American woman living in the Czech Republic captivates me with her writing style

2. I really need to finally fix Brea #1's link:

3. I find a *New* Brea to add, may I introduce Brea (#2)

4. I plan to de-lurk on one I always read from B#1's links: Desperate Sarah

6. I remember to finally add one of the other Sassy Girls out there I have been lucky enough to stumble upon

7. I have to add an old fave, Dick & Chick

8. and a legend, for good measure

9. and one I believe will *become* a legend, Stella

Thank you ALL for inspiring me so much!


brea hat gesagt…

Facebook is rather addicting, isn't it? I know I am!

Sassy One hat gesagt…

I'm so scared to jump into Facebook. I spend enough time on the computer with the blog as it is!

Thanks for the link Ms. Sassy! hehe

k hat gesagt…

I totally am addicted now too. A girl who I haven't seen since grade 5 found me!!!