Montag, Mai 28, 2007

bursting at the seams

I am in love with life lately.

I loved this past weekend, the running around doing errands for the wedding, finally finding the motivation to clean the house at 8 pm while my love worked on beautifying the yard. Sitting on the floor working on the invites with one of my closest friends, A and my future mother-in-law (who granted me permission to call her 'Mama' as her son does). Receiving two Super Soakers as a gift from my sister, and promptly lending them to my three precious nephews to go break in in the back yard, clad in kitchen garbage bags and huge grins.

Having the day off today to lounge in bed, watching pointless tv and eating my favourite cereal, a lovely surprise visit my future husband over lunch and a leisurely afternoon spread before me to run yet more wedding errands, discover my brother on Facebook and plan the next Goddess gathering (belly dancing)!

Yes, I'm just about as happy as happy can be, I see the light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel and I greet each coming day with cheerful expectation. Life is so good.

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