Montag, Mai 07, 2007

Bloated and it's getting worse

Wow. 8 weeks today and I seriously can't get my skirt done up.

I had a different skirt on this morning that I *thought* was going to do the trick and the moment I sat down in the car to leave for work the zipper popped. Argh! Now here I am with my blouse pulled down over the top of my jeanskirt to try and hide the fact that it's undone. Sigh. Guess it's time to go maternity clothes shopping!

The weekend was a wonderful but exhausting blur of home spa-ing, running around making wedding plans and attending family dinners. I wish I could find the energy at the end of the day for all the laundry, cleaning and general tidying that the house deserately needs but mostly I just can't get back up once I hit that couch.

I need a sign to wear around my neck: Quiet, Please! Baby under construction!

Here's to hoping that the rumours of having more get up and go in the 2nd trimester are true...

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Sassy One hat gesagt…

I hope that's true!

Have fun shopping for clothes! They have such nice things now for mommies to be!