Mittwoch, Mai 02, 2007

back to me

Ahhh. I feel 'relatively' normal today, after a week of constant nausea. Just allowed myself the small treat of a cuppa joe with some hot chocolate mixed in. Mmm. It's really the little things, these days.

While I am usually all for the mind over matter theory concerning most things, this particular 'thing' has taken over my whole being. The more I read about the changes that are happening (and the ones still to come) the more fascinated (and somewhat unprepared) I feel. But I trust my body completely to do what it needs to do, my major responsibility now being to fuel it and give it enough rest and relaxation.

Started my pre-natal yoga class last night, in a room full of hugely expanding bellies. I felt like a bit of an impostor as I probably won't even begin to start showing until 2-3 months from now (hopefully *after* our big day). But it was fun to look around and see all of these glowing women in different stages, there was a wonderful ~excuse the pun~ expectant energy in the room.

I also feel wonderfully expectant of what is to come.


brea hat gesagt…

I hope you post flickr pics of your slowly expanding belly! It is so interesting watching the stages of pregnancy. Fellow SK blogger Backy did, check it out here:

SG hat gesagt…

Thanks for the link, that's very cool!

Yes, I do plan to document my growing belly photographically, for sure :)