Sonntag, Juni 24, 2007


I don't think it's possible to fit much more into a weekend than I just did... From sneaking out of work early to run 4 or 5 wedding errands, celebrating my sister's beau's b-day, having a dress fitting, learning how to belly dance, helping a friend pick out a dress to wear to my wedding (and hitting the maternity store for a few goodies for me) and then attending a musical... whew! It's no wonder I'm wiped completely out.

With 13 days till the wedding, I'm getting into "get 'er done" mode... have my list and am checking stuff off as fast as I'm adding to it at the moment. B remarked to me while dropping me off tonight after Mama Mia (I will have ABBA songs stuck in my head the rest of the week!!) that I'm the calmest bride she's ever seen. "Well, I'm marrying the man of my dreams, what's there to sweat about?" came my reply.

The beauty rest, that's another thing completely. Goodnight, sweetie-pies :)

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Sassy One hat gesagt…

Wow! One busy lady! I can't believe the wedding day is coming so quickly!