Mittwoch, Juni 13, 2007

movin' on

I just deleted my house sitting blog. Now it's just me and Baby Sass.

If there is one thing you can count on in this life, it's change. And change is a good thing. Especially when it means not having to pack up all your stuff and move around every couple of weeks, looking after other people's stuff, in an attempt to avoid horrible roommates.

I've got stuff of my own to look after now, and a wonderful home to come home to.
We're looking at buying a house this year and really putting down roots. As much as I have become accustomed to (and embraced the idea of) moving around my whole life, this comes as a most welcome change. A place to call our own and to bring up baby. I like it!


brea hat gesagt…

It doesn't feel like much time has passed since I started reading your blog, but when I think back on how many changes your life (and my own) I've witnessed, I am amazed.

Your life sounds amazing and it seems like you're enjoying it immensely, so I am very happy for you!

SG hat gesagt…

Thanks, sweetie! I have enjoyed reading yours too.

Yeah, my life is a little like a merry-go-round on speed right now, but I'm loving every moment!

Sassy One hat gesagt…

Your life sounds just so wonderful now! So many great changes! the way. I'm "OUT". I shared my secret. hehe