Sonntag, Juni 03, 2007

Junes so soon

Oh my. The days (not so much the nights) are flying by lately. 34 days till I do!! The invites are out, the rsvps rolling in, the 'to do' list ever shrinking. It's a nice feeling to have pretty much everything under control, and that we're going to be able to pull this off just the way we want it. For about half of what the average Canadian wedding costs these days. It's still a huge chunk of cash, but it's not going to put us in major debt. For long. :)

In other news, my ever expanding belly is keeping me pretty occupied. Oh, and the boobs too- had to go out and get a larger bra (and it's just the beginning!!) but what a relief for the girls. Also picked up a nice second hand rocker- if I can only keep the cats/cat hair off it it'll be a nice addition to the nursery. When we're ready to set it up, that is. It'll mean losing my meditation/study room but that's ok- I'm working on a perma-state of Zen-ness so I can carry it around with me. The Buddha might get a little heavy.

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Sassy One hat gesagt…

the boobs! Niice!

I'm already up a bra size....lord help me! I'll need a crane to lift these puppies soon!