Montag, Oktober 29, 2007


The photographers we used for our wedding are using one of our shots on their website:

Oh, and here's a bit of an update that I started to write last week:

We've been living there almost 6 weeks now and I'd say we're about 60% unpacked. The baby's room is painted a beautiful light blue (thanks to Dad and his trusty helper Ken) and all aired out, thanks to my honey's vigilant window opening (he hates the smell of paint, I don't mind it at all). The front room, eventually destined to become the 'formal' living room, is piled high with baby items that kind people have been donating to us. The 'formal' dining room is more like the cats play area, with their toys strewn (sp?) about. We've got two couches in the family room (or 'den') and a makeshift coffee table and I think we may even try out the fireplace sometime this week.

Down to my last 3 1/2 weeks (not that I'm counting) and it's just starting to sink in that I've got some major life changes coming up here. It's not going to be my job to help whiny, clueless, scatterbrained, demanding customers anymore (whoops, did that come out sounding a little bitter?) I'm going to have a whole new set of responsibilities, caring and nurturing a precious little being. I have decided that this is where my priorities must be, regardless of how unprepared my company might be (they haven't yet hired my replacements so the chance of actually getting to train them is pretty darn slim but again, NOT MY PROBLEM).


Big preparations are in the works for my Dad's 65th. Most of the preparations he is doing himself mind you, but that's the way he rolls. He is the ultimate entertainer and with at least 11 relatives and friends at last count flying in for the event, it's sure to be a party that only I will remember all the details of (being the only sober one!!). Prost, Vatti!


k hat gesagt…

What a beautiful picture!!!!
Sounds like a lot on your plate, congrats on sounding quite organized :)
Have fun and I look forward to seeing pictures!

Thérèse hat gesagt…

I love that photo. I love how happy you both look. :)

Glad to know things have been going well for you guys! Excitement!