Samstag, November 06, 2004

All Y'all

You may notice a new list of links (to the left and below the moon) entitled "caught my eye".
I love randomly clicking on that "next blog" arrow and dropping in on different folk's lives.
Should you happen to be one of those folks, Welcome! To the Americans among you, my condolences on your election. I heard that the Canadian immigration website has been experiencing unusually high page views this past week. Come on up! The more the merrier...
Peace out.

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CaliGirl hat gesagt…

hiya sandra....thanks for stopping by my blog. its funny how others find people online and how small this world really is. PEI is a very beautiful place to loving every minute of it....been here 2 yrs,3 months.

btw.....thanks God im in the final stages of getting my permanent residency here....and in a couple more years citizenship. im really afraid what is going to be happening to the States now that W is back in office again. *shrugs* oh in Canada now and proud to be here.