Montag, November 15, 2004

Check Your Toothbrush

Always be true to yourself
is the message I left behind for my Kat. You never do take the good advice you so freely give to others, do you? In some countries they could call you a hypocrite, couldn't they? Nasty people.

Well, it has come to a full stop. Rien ne va plus. Too many winners in the horrible days contest in a row. Knocked on my ass scraped up (ever try picking astro turf out of a gash on your elbow? ewww) chewed up spit out okay I'M DONE. Hear me, y'all?

Enough Prescriptions filled! Or better yet, write MYSELF one. And get it filled. Fill your cup! To overflowing. Every day. It's about friggin time. As previously discussed, we do know the destination. It's following the route to get there without taking too many damaging detours.

Ha. Detours. Car metaphor. Well, you know what, honey? It's time for a trade in. Sadly, that old vehicle just isn't going to get you there, in the long run. No, Siree it ain't. So what are you moping about? Time to let go of the old, welcome in the new. In the form of a superbly up-kept BMW. Now doesn't that suit you better than (although will always remain sacred and special in your heart) the Saturn? Yes.

Yes. We know these things, deep inside. Instinctually. It's just a matter of letting go. Taking action. Excuse the theft from Nike (I'm sure they'll understand)... Just do it!

Not to dismiss the detours. They're fun. But keep the healthy boundaries intact whilst on them. Ja? Ja wohl.
If this sounds like complete nonsense, please disregard. I'll be back to my normal self once all the perscriptions have run their course.

Umm... what's 'normal' again?

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