Montag, November 22, 2004

mind your own beeswax

That’s an inside joke. Me and one other person. Whose kitchen floor I was lying on till after 1 am, alternately laughing, crying, and trying to prop my feet up on a dwarf sized ironing board and open drawers. THANK YOU, HONEY!!

Man, what a weekend! I worked 20 hours between leaving my regular job at 6 pm Friday and Saturday night. But what fun! We threw a Mardi Gras party for an accounting/consulting firm in this huge atrium right downtown. Complete with face painters, fortune tellers, ice sculptures, two or three different bands playing, and out of this world food. Got a butterfly painted on my cheek. I really do enjoy being a part of this company when we put stuff like this on (and pull it off). The next day was a little tedious, with hundreds of children running about, decorating gingerbread men and sitting on Santa’s lap. Then a surprise 60th b-day party that evening, with a maritime kitchen party theme. I woke up Sunday morning and everything hurt. Good thing I had no plans, just vegetated all day (laundry, a couple of movies) until my fateful visit to see the Queen Bee. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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