Donnerstag, Dezember 30, 2004


“Health- what my friends are always drinking to before they fall down”
-Phyllis Diller

Prosit! And Happy New Year to one and all!

I’d like to say it’s been a busy time and that’s why I haven’t written any ‘real’ posts of late… but that would not be altogether true. Although I guess I have been keeping rather busy, between work, the Stingers, the boy, and avoiding being home. Gotten rather good at that one. I think it’s more a case of just not feeling like it. Not enough creative ‘juice’ running through those veins, Sass?

As previously mentioned, I love this time of year for its reflective qualities. I have, since I was about 12, written an end of year essay of sorts, summarizing what has happened in that past particular year. I’ll have to dig some of the best of the old ones up and post ‘em! I suppose the post from Dec. 10th does it justice. Half bad, half good. Looking forward to more goodness in the year to come. May it replenish and overflow all of your cups.

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