Dienstag, Dezember 14, 2004

I drew this Runestone last night

while I was catching up with Louise:


The starting point is always innocence. This Rune serves as a gentle reminder of the wholeness and simplicity we knew at our beginnings, and as a promise that we are finally coming home. For Innocence is our first nature, and from it flow all possible right relationships- with ourselves, with others and with the Divine.

Receiving this Rune acknowledges the long road you have traveled to arrive where you are today. Remember to honour yourself and those who have guided you. Allow yourself to feel, once again, the joy of Innocence, and know that you are being healed. For it is through healing that we reclaim our lost Innocence.

Use this day to simplify your life. Bring harmony where you find discord and balance where there is none. Take a moment for a prayer of remembrance and thanksgiving, a prayer offered up in childlike Innocence.

Let the Innocence you are feeling speak to the Innocence in everyone you meet.

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