Freitag, Dezember 17, 2004

Blessings abound

I can’t believe it’s Christmas in a week. Where has the time gone? Where is the snow, for that matter? No that it matters, we do enjoy our Chinooks around here- it’s going to be +13 or something crazy like that on Sunday. And I got to enjoy snow just yesterday on the ski hill- I even ate some on one wipeout, I think. I had a snow moustache. Besides a few proud bruises and sore muscles, I survived my first day out this season. There’s nothing like it in the whole world- swooshing down the slopes, choosing your course, trying to remember to breathe (usually halfway down). Exhilarating. Kind of like falling in love, I’d say…

Ahem. Back to the subject at hand. The holiday, and what it means to us. What it really comes down to, in a nutshell, is spending time with my family. That’s it. Curled up on the sofa, after dinner, wrapping paper strewn from one end of the living room to the other. The pleasantly full feeling from the meal we just prepared and ate and the love for these people welling up inside you like a wave. Pretty simple, really. Enjoy, share, and look out for one another. Count your blessings.

May you all have many to count.

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