Donnerstag, Januar 06, 2005

Budget Smudget

In an effort to comprehend and perhaps implement this whole concept of ‘budget’, I am attempting to monitor my spending in earnest.

Purchases so far in 2005:

- up 14th Street… and BEYOND!
- Midnight airport run to get the Mama
- To and from sista’s house to carpool to soccer in the Great Beast (aka Takoma) with alternate doughnut-in-the-parking-lot-drivers Ry, Hel and said Sis.

Stupid Store (with accomplice Louise… ‘nuff said)

Steal of a deal: a whole outfit (not hideous) for $20

Best excuse: Need to eat!

Best new snack: the awesomest granola bars ever! (Cranberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, yummm)

Staples: fruit bars, yoghurt, veg-head food

Impulse buys: Antipasto, dried figs, honey mustard pretzel bits

The Late Night Drug Store Run (*boy, did I blush!*)

- black tights (Baby, it’s COLD outside!)
- “Variety” pack- 4 different kinds of safes!
- Maple Syrup (I truly AM Canadian)
- Warming flutschi
- Cinnamon gum… of course


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