Dienstag, Januar 18, 2005

Happy 14th Birthday, Robyn!

I believe everything is cyclical (the circumference of which runs approximately 7 years). It is no accident that my niece’s* birthday has coincided with the rediscovery last night of some writing I did at that very same age. And that we share a name (her first is the same as my middle).

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a yearly ritual of summarizing and documenting the significant events that have taken place. This began in 1988, when I was 13. I find both the writing style and content to be both amusing and insightful. Reading back through the entries in these old forgotten journals and odds and ends of paper has helped me to reconnect to that budding, brooding teenybopper to be that was me. And I’d like to share:

Monday, January 1st, 1990
Happy New Year! Well, tonight it’s time for my 2nd annual year-in-review piece. The word for 1989 was change. A lot of change. From finishing the yearbook to grade 9 graduation (valedictorian- yay!) to family week in Provo, to HIGH SCHOOL – ooooh. Halfway through gr. 10 – it’s gone by so fast! –and I’m enjoying myself thoroughly. Into Drama (part as ‘mom’ in ‘This is a Test’) and secretary and babysitter for the Drama teacher. I’ve ‘discovered’ photography- taking and developing. Another thing ‘discovered’ – KIK 107 (cool). Biggest injury for 1989- a cornea abrasion to my right (lazy) eye by means of a helium balloon. It happened on the last day of the year- yesterday, and I’m fine now. (But I looked pretty funny checking coats with a patch). Nothing major in the love life dept. – the song of the year is “Right here waiting” by Richard Marx. And that’s basically what I was doing. Nicky, for the record, is starting to write more.

As for the diet portion of my life, things remain pretty screwed up. In Sept. mom found “fit for life” books and those really changed everything. I now have stopped eating all animal & animal products. I lost about 16 pounds from Sept to Nov. but then began ‘slipping’ and I’ve gained some of it back. I’m pretty determined to lose more- especially if I’m going to be swimming in the near future in gym class! I have been swimming quite a lot this fall at the university. I also babysat twice a week for Cookie, and I’ve started keeping a diary (very helpful) as of July 31st, 1989. Family Life is another thing quite screwed up. What’s more to say than that?

Things in the world this year are revolving around Eastern Europe- the Berlin wall coming down, the Soviet Union getting freedom, democracy, things that North Americans take for granted. Charlotte and I tool a poll, asking people for a word describing the 80’s- some responses: yuppies, microwaves, AIDS, tryhard hippies, peace, environmental issues, the space shuttle crash, Live Aid.

What’s up for the 90’s? I hope saving this decaying planet, world peace and in my own life, finishing my education, travel, starting my career. Wait a minute; let’s take it a year at a time. I can do it. I can do anything. So that was the 80’s. What do I say? Bring on the 90’s!!

Peace, Love, and eternal happiness,

Love always,


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