Freitag, Januar 28, 2005

Swim Swam Swum

Finally, after eight months of living across the street from it, I FINALLY made it into the pool. It’s literally on my way to work; I cross the campus every morning. Plus, it costs a mere twoonie to drop in before 8.

I have always enjoyed swimming, even before I joined the swim team in high school(with our lovely “Trojan” rubber swim caps). I was most proficient at the back stroke, perhaps due to my very own personal flotation devices.

At last something clicked, as somethings tend to do in the month of January, and I thought to myself “No More Excuses!”

I have been 4 or 5 times this month, and have already noticed some improvements. I am enjoying the routine of it, and the way I feel energized for the rest of the day. Not necessarily the chlorine smell that is permeating my bag and everything in it (not to mention turning my black bathing suit a transparent brownish beige) but there are always sacrifices to make, aren’t there?

The very first morning I went (and after finally discovering where the pool was exactly in the phys ed building) there was an absolutely gorgeous sunrise happening. The pool has one full wall of windows, facing south, which overlooks downtown. I have never seen such a beautiful display of orange, pink, red and purple illuminating the high rises and office towers. It was like my own personal “Welcome! See, THIS is what the world looks like while you have been sleeping in every morning!” Well from now on, (at least twice a week), I’m up and at ‘em, embracing the day as it unfolds. Go Team!


Anonym hat gesagt…

I assume you're talking about the pool at SAIT? It is such a great set-up they've got there (minus the 70s locker room) with the windows and everything... for a couple months last year I was going there after work a couple times a week and it was awesome (especially since it was only $10/month while I was taking classes), but I got out of the routine... how busy was it early in the morning? I've been thinking of that as an option for myself lately too :)
PS... holy, that's just a long comment right there :)

SG hat gesagt…

Yes, it is the SAIT pool I'm referring to. Anytime you want to come with, let me know! No worries about the long comment- I'm happy to get any :)

Lucien Tosto hat gesagt…

Very nice. Keep up the good work.