Dienstag, Januar 11, 2005

Journaling Trinity Style

The sadness has lifted. A little.

(I allowed) a series of things get me down all afternoon, like someone shooting a bb gun at the arcade. Bang bang bang! And she’s down.

Lifted me up, it has. To have taken this class, this time for myself. My burden is smaller. I think I’ll tuck it away now, for good.

Immediate pleasures. I am such a seeker of. Feels Good Do It. This philosophy works for some. It’s getting tired. I’m getting tired. The thing about instant gratification is that it doesn’t last long.

The foundation has to be laid down, so I can build upon it. Solid ground. A place to be at home. To be at peace with myself.

All else will follow. Be patient with yourself. Be good and kind. Take good care. Be cautious.

You’re about to give your heart away again. Is this the right time? The right one? Time will tell. And you have a lot of it. Less rush. Breathe.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

...to be as kind and sweet a person as you are
...you amaze me with your depth, inner peace comes from that solid ground
...remember how we got there, not without sacrifice
...and yet how beautiful