Freitag, Oktober 14, 2005

twinkle twinkle

I went on a late night rendez-vous with my ex boyfriend last night. Oh, no, don’t go thinking that. We were fully clothed the entire time and behaved ourselves in an exemplary manner. We’ve been being ‘good’ for months now, since one of us (not sayin’ who) finally put their foot down after over three months of heart wrenching back and forth after the breakup. After a month of self imposed silence (including an all out ban on msning), we’ve resumed communications and are attempting the friendship route. This is a first for me, as all my other exes seemed to have moved away from me, or me from them. Hmmm.

In any case, I was very happy to be in his company, as we settled in on the couch next to the window, in one of my favorite watering holes downtown. I especially love that particular table, and how it looks out on the constant stream of action at the convenience & liquor stores across the street. Glancing skywards you can see the lights of the tower twinkle and feel like you’re about two feet tall. I had had yet another drama filled day on the home front and was looking for a little solace, and he had been working late at the office and needed a little nourishment. Luckily for us, both needs were met and as we conversed the source of his nervousness presented itself.

He revealed that he has started seeing someone else. As I attempted to compose myself (and urge that feeling in the pit of my stomach to settle), a range of emotions raced through me. Eventually I was able to offer “I’m very happy for you” and maybe for the first time was able to understand what it is that he had been going through, hearing my dating tales of the past months. What goes around comes around or something stupid like that. Poke poke. Truth be told, I am happy for him, and I do wish nothing but happiness for him in his life. We determined that we weren’t right for each other (in different places, however you wish to phrase it) months ago, and life does have a habit of moving on. And so it shall.

I am content having shared a stolen hour or two, critiquing the odd, garish art on the walls, the ease and flow of the conversation warming my heart and soul. And if my wish on the twinkling lights comes true, we’ll enjoy the friendship we’ve forged for a long time to come.


Omni hat gesagt…

I like your new look!! :-)

Aren't you reading any other blogs any more? {stunned at the very thought of not reading blogs every day}

SG hat gesagt…

Thanks! It's still a work in progress... I unfortunately lost all my links when I changed over. Still in the process of gathering them together again. Kind of like my wits lately ;)

Omni hat gesagt…

I hope you had them all bookmarked... I'd FREAK if I didn't have the URL's for all the blogs I read.!! Is that German your archive months are in? That's sorta slick. :-)