Freitag, Dezember 09, 2005

Fruitful Winds

Oh! Glorious Chinook wind! Blow! It doesn’t matter that you turn the pure white now to dirty slush, and make the windshield washer light on my dash glow like Rudolph’s nose. So many things just don’t matter since I had my little chat with the Big Guy by the river during yesterday’s lunch break, and gave all my worries over to Him. Doesn’t matter that I’m going to spend the vast majority of my waking hours today working (Holiday Pahtee Season comes but once a year!). Doesn’t matter that I forgot my belt today, just as the outer effects of my cleanse are beginning to be visible. Doesn’t matter that I had to endure almost an hour in the greasy air of the lounge at the soccer center after the game, nursing my ice water (we won 5-1!).

I’ll be singing my carols (in my head for the desk job part of the day, but out loud while I’m serving), hiking up my jeans every time I stand up, depositing that juicy refund cheque that arrived yesterday ~coincidence? I think not ~ and just all around being happy to be alive. Joy to the world, y’all!

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