Dienstag, Dezember 20, 2005

Tension, schmension

I feel like I finally got my groove on for this week on the way to work this morning. Only a mere 24 hours off, I’m gonna blame it on the 14 hour day I put in on Saturday at the Ranch. Sounds like some rough & tumble outdoor work, but it was really a party for some very nice folks where I rotated being bartender and warding off the doggies in the garage-come-clearing-station, all in a pair of slippers lent to me by the host. What can I say, I’m a pro.

The chiropractor (who had to pay me a home visit so I could get out of bed last week) says my body and my mind are out of whack. That I have been storing my tension from the past 6 years in my neck & shoulders and that it’s finally crying out for help. An injury on the tip of my big toe from the screw sticking out of the laundry room floor and a ball to the face in Sunday’s game sure haven’t helped, either. “I need a vacation!” my tension shrieks. 34 more days, I calmly answer. Because calm is the only way to respond to my screaming tension, I have learned. Until then, bubble baths are the answer.

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Laurie hat gesagt…

Bubble baths and a nice glass of wine!

Feel better!