Samstag, Juli 29, 2006


and struggling to find *anything* good about it.

My honey sweetly reminds me that it's just the re-adjustment period, that grass-is-greener state of mind that happens when you come back from somewhere so beautifully and magically removed from your own reality. I could definitely live there, and have a deep knowling feeling that I will end up residing there, sooner or later, part or full time. Letting go and letting spirit take care of that one.

Finding it a little bizarre that part of what's helping me re-climatize to my metropolitan surroundings is hopping on the computer, having a look-see at what's happening in this virtual web we weave. I've been 'unplugged' for the past 10 or so days, except the last entry from the b & b (read = safe haven) in Tofino and one quick Starbucks hot spot (using my 'toy' for the first time to surf) to find it.

I've had the most outstanding and amazing vacation time, from start to finish. And I've got a whole *entire* day left, to go be Folksie with the Mama...

... just checked the schedule, I get to see both Matthew Good & Ani DiFranco on the mainstage!

Okay, okay, maybe one or two good things about this re-citifying thing.

p.s. sorry I missed you in Van, Miss Razz! Next time for sure.

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