Montag, Juli 31, 2006


Oh, am I ever a grumpy back-to-work person today, on a Monday of all days. I should really have four walls on this cubicle of mine, extending to the ceiling. It took me most of the day to get through my 260-some emails that had clogged up my inbox, and my neck, hips and other parts are sore sore sore from reassuming the desk position. I had a restless sleep last night dreaming of being late due to traffic/work camp woes. Oh, and I missed the last two acts of the Folk Fest cause of some extreme weather and unpreparedness. Yes, I’m a big fat whiner. Good thing I get to go kick some (soccer) balls around tonight, that should get most of this out of my system. Let’s focus on the positive now, shall we?
- my raise showed up on this paycheque
- lunch with my two homegirls with a walk along the river
- I'm done in 7 minutes
- wow, that’s all I can think of


john hat gesagt…

i think that's a pretty good day !

Anonym hat gesagt…

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