Montag, Juli 10, 2006

I am

still here.

Although I feel somewhat like a space cadet today. My various aches and pains from serving all weekend are making me question whether it was worth the effort. One more show and I’m done for the season, maybe for good. At least the rain waited until the very end of the tournament, but then showed up with reckless abandon and a hurricane warning, knocking over the vase of flowers from the bar. I still brought them home to Ma, along with some leftovers which she practically jumped for joy at.

Three full days and three half days of work left and I’ll be off on my island adventure, with a stop in wine country for ‘supplies’. Booked myself in for a massage with the bride et al at the Empress for the day before her big day.

Not much of an entry, I’m stuck in the future and fun to come instead of the now. Better come back down to earth for awhile.

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