Dienstag, Oktober 24, 2006


Vigor and vitality are yours for the week.

So says my fortune cookie today.

Sure not feeling it so far... In fact I'm pretty darn exhausted and sore from the weekends activities. I had a post all ready to go Sunday night but the silly wi-fi I was connected with (thanks, neighbours!) wouldn't let me sign in. Sigh.

I was all positive and self congratulatory for having completed the course (and having learned how to ride a motorcycle), trying to look past the devistating blow of not passing the actual test. What can I say? I got silly nervous as soon as the testers showed up. But I have a chance to retake it on Sunday, so hopefully the aforementioned Vigor and Vitality will be fully functioning for me by then. Till then: massage, yoga, tibetan bowls, abundance training, and time with cuddly (four legged) pals.

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